Tutorial: Shark Attack Design

Shark Attack Design

This week I will be sharing a very popular design request from my last several gigs. You will see some very happy faces when the kids take a look at themselves in the mirror to view the finished product. I have found this design to be chosen by both boys and girls. Time to start!

The Application

Load your 1/2″ Angle Brush with Paradise Light Blue and start with the Shark’s snout just above the eye area. Continue to paint the shark’s body and fins. You will not be painting the tail since this shark will be jumping out of the water.

Load your Sponge with Global blue and sponge the top side of the shark as pictured. This will help to add another dimension to your shark design.

Next, load your #2 Round Brush With Global Red and paint the inside of your shark’s mouth.

Continue adding details to your shark by loading your #2 Round Brush with Wolfe White. You will be adding the shark’s teeth and eye using the white color.

Still using your Wolfe White, add waves and splashes to the bottom portion of your shark.

Begin outlining your shark by loading your #2 Round brush with Wolfe Black. You will also paint in the shark’s eye, nostril and gills in addition to outlining.

Load your #2 Round brush with Paradise Yellow and paint in two small fish shapes over the opposite eye. Repeat this step using Paradise orange.

Load your #2 Round brush with Wolfe White and add some dots and teardrops around each fish. If time permits, you can lightly outline each fish as I did.

I just love this easily adaptable design. Anything that can be used for a festival where you need to paint fast or a birthday party where time isn’t as rushed helps make everything run smoothly. Please share your shark designs with us on Facebook. Be sure to enter our Butterfly Face paint contest here.

Until next time… Live, Love, Paint.


Products Used:

Paradise Light Blue
Global Blue
Global Red
Paradise Yellow
Paradise Orange
Wolfe White
Wolfe Black
1/2″ Angle Brush
#2 Round brush
Always Wicked Butterfly Sponge


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