Tutorial: Holiday Glitter Mask


This glittering mask will add a little sparkle to your holiday events, and is likely to have a special appeal for teens and women with it’s glamour look. Vary the look and match the clothing of your client with various metallic split cakes and stencils.


BAM 2004 Damask stencil
BAM 2027 Elegance stencil
BAM 2035 Dot stencil
Silly Farm Brilliant Bling Rainbow Split Cake
Mehron Paradise Gold
Diamond FX Black
#2 Round Brush
Gold Cosmetic Glitter (or Tangerine Glitter)
Gold Liquid Bling
Always Wicked Sponge/Dabber


Load your sponge from the Silly Farm Brilliant Bling split cake. Sponge over each eye with the lightest gold color on the inner corner of the eye and the darkest metallic by the hairline over the temple. Create a wedge shape, and sponge the lighter gold along the top and the bottom of the shape. Add tangerine or gold cosmetic glitter to the design.


Sponge Paradise gold along the cheekbone to create a contour.


Place the BAM Damask stencil in the center of the forehead as shown in the image below and sponge Silly Farm Brilliant Bling over it with the darkest color by the hairline. The tip of the design should not come below the eyebrow line.


Place the BAM Elegance stencil as shown in the image and sponge Silly Farm Brilliant Bling over the cheek bone with the lighter colors from the split cake.


Use a BAM dot stencil or Lea Selley’s Graffiti stencil to create dots over the outer half of each eyelid with black. Daubers are especially good for this because they’re easy to control in small spaces, but if you don’t have one, use a sponge.



Use gold liquid bling to carefully outline the Damask stencil on the forehead.


Load your #2 round brush and create two swirls sweeping up from the corner of the eye. Add small tear drops as shown.



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