What’s On Your Board? (Part 2)

Rainbow Face Paint Stacey Perry

For this week’s installment of, What’s on Your Board? our featured must have design is the rainbow. I’ve had both boys and girls ask for rainbows at every gig. I’ll show you a couple of different ways to adapt a rainbow design to fit different needs. Be it quick or detailed.

Have you ever been ready to pack up your gear after finishing a birthday party only to have a guest come in late? Or maybe a young child that won’t sit still long enough to get a full and detailed design? This Rainbow is by far the quickest design that I offer. So let’s get started.

Here’s what you’ll need (this includes all featured rainbow designs):

  1. Silly Farm Arty Brush Cakes – True Rainbow
  2. Wolfe Face Paints – White
  3. Global Dark Blue
  4. Cameleon One Stroke #1 Flat Brush
  5. Loew-Cornell® Gold Grip #4 Round Brush
  6. Ruby Red Eight Color Petal Sponge
  7. Glitter (optional)

The Application:

Rainbow Face Paint Stacey Perry

Load your 1″ Flat brush with your Rainbow Cake. Begin at the top corner of the forehead and swoop down to the cheek. Continue by bringing the brush back to the top and swoop down the other side of the face. Be sure the colors match up on each side. In other words, make sure you don’t flip your brush upside down. Red should be at the top on each side.

If a child is really, really squirmy, you can stop here. I would only recommend stopping at this point if this is a prepaid event or birthday party. PPF events might require a little more than just this to justify payment in a parent’s opinion.

Rainbow Face Paint Stacey Perry

At this point, you will load your #4 round brush with Wolfe White and begin painting random sized dots to the rainbow.

Rainbow Face Paint Stacey Perry

Continue with Wolfe White and add a few stars and tear drops as shown.  You could also stop at this point depending on time constraints.

Rainbow Face Paint Stacey Perry

Last, you will continue using Wolfe White and outline the eyelid and add teardrops around each eye and dots. At this point, you can easily charge at a PPF event for this design. This would be a $5 design on my board.

Another Rainbow design option I offer at birthday parties and PPF events is Rainbows and Clouds.

Rainbow Face Paint Stacey Perry

For this design, you will load your 1″ Flat Brush with your Rainbow Cake and paint a half circle on the forehead as shown. Continue the rainbow from the bottom corner of each eye.

Rainbow Face Paint Stacey Perry

Load your sponge with Wolfe White and sponge on clouds  on each eyelid. You will want to clouds to reach the rainbow area so there is no gab in between.

Rainbow Face Paint Stacey Perry

Load your #4 Round Brush with Wolfe White and add random sized dots and stars.

Rainbow Face Paint Stacey Perry

Finally, load your #4 Round Brush with Global Dark Blue and outline your clouds. You can add glitter if you choose. I personally always ask, since some children do not want glitter.

I hope you were able to see the different stages of this design that could be adapted to suit your event or any time constraints.  You can take this simple design even further by adding stencils, or liquid bling for example. Remember, this is what works best for me and my business. Be sure to play around with these designs to find out what works best for you.

Check back with us next week for another must have design. Be sure to let us know what you would like to see in future blogs and be sure to share your designs with us on Facebook.

Until next time… Live, Love, Paint.

Stacey Perry, aka Sistahmatic! is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces by Play and Learn With Me located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for