Is Snazaroo Good Face Paint?

Most artists have heard ofSnazaroo, which has been setting the standards for safety and ease of use in the face painting world since 1989. There is no doubt, with a history of over thirty years, that they are experts when it comes to face paint. In addition to the company’s commitment to quality and safety, Snazaroo’s easy availability both online and in stores makes it an obvious choice for beginners who are just starting out, for cosplay aficionados, or for parents hoping to have some imaginative fun with their children.Snazaroo face paints are compliant according to European, Canadian, and North American guidelines for toys and cosmetics and are made with the highest quality cosmetic ingredients, so individuals all over the world use them. 

Manufactured in Somerset, England,Snazaroo face paints are a glycerin based face paint. The purpose of glycerin in makeup products is to help moisturize and smooth the skin. Basically, it’s a hydrator. What that means in the world of face paint is that Snazaroo belongs to the group of face paints which are easier to blend together and which feel comfortable on the skin when applied to large areas.Snazaroo is available in single color choices as well as multi-color kits which contain booklets with design ideas to aid new or veteran artists in providing popular requests using brushes, sponges, and glitter (which are included in some kits).Snazaroo paints are put through independent testing by dermatology and toxicology teams to make sure they are safe and ready for use by artists and are never tested on animals. Also, they do not contain parabens, fragrance, MIT/CMIT, or nanomaterials. 

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Snazaroo Face Paint - White $60.00 - $160.00