Kraze FX

Kraze FX Face Paints are wax based face paint cakes that will work exceptionally well for all aspects of face and body painting such as line work, base work, blending and layering. Wax base flexes well with movements to provide a crack resistant, long lasting finish. Kraze formula is non-toxic, hypo allergenic, veganand cruelty free, making it a safe choice for painting on children as well as adults in fairs, carnivals, festivals, parties and Halloween. Kraze Face Paint is free of gluten, nut based ingredients, paraben or perfume.

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Kraze Square - White (25 gm) $48.00 $52.00
Kraze FX One Stroke Palette Refill - Bright Neon (0.21 oz/6 gm) $18.00
Kraze FX High Density Petal Sponge $8.00 - $64.00
Kraze FX Flower Bouquet Split Cake Palette by Linnea Novak $448.00
Kraze Square - Black (25 gm) $48.00 $52.00
Kraze FX Half Moon Sponge $8.00 - $64.00
Kraze Dome Stroke - Bright Neon (25 gm) $82.00 $86.00
Kraze FX One Stroke Palette Refill - Neon Cheer (0.21 oz/6 gm) $18.00
Kraze FX Petal Brush (3/16") $32.00
Kraze FX 12 Color Essential Palette (10 gm each) $377.00
Kraze Square - Red (25 gm) $48.00 $52.00
Kraze FX One Stroke Palette Refill - Neon Daze (0.21 oz/6 gm) $18.00
Kraze FX One Stroke Palette Refill - Orchid (0.21 oz/6 gm) $18.00
Kraze FX One Stroke Palette Refill - Neon Wish (0.21 oz/6 gm) $18.00
Kraze FX One Stroke Palette Refill - Jalepeno (0.21 oz/6 gm) $18.00
Kraze FX Dome Stroke by Linnea Novak - Rose Garden (25 gm) $86.00
Kraze FX Dome Stroke - Bright Rainbow (25 gm) $86.00
Kraze FX One Stroke Palette Refill - Neon Thrill (0.21 oz/6 gm) $18.00
Kraze FX One Stroke Palette Refill - Lush (0.21 oz/6 gm) $18.00
Kraze FX One Stroke Palette Refill - Bloodberry (0.21 oz/6 gm) $18.00
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Kraze FX Face Paints -  a exclusive - are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, made using FDA approved, cosmetic grade ingredients.

As per manufacturer, these face paints are vegan and cruelty-free, as they do not contain animal-based ingredients and neither are they tested on animals. They are also free of gluten, nut-based ingredients, paraben or perfume.

Please Note:  In general FDA does recommends that reds (this includes yellows and oranges) and blues (this includes greens and purples) as well as neon colors should not be used around the eye and lip area or left on the skin too long.

Do not apply to cracked or bruised skin. A patch test is recommended prior to use, by placing a small amount on the wrist for 30 minutes. In case of any allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately.

Base Ingredients: Paraffin Wax(8002-74-2) Ricinus Communis (Caster) Seed Oil (8001-79-4) Glycerine(56-81-5) (471-34-1) Calcium Carbonate (1317-65-3) Stearyl Alcohol (112-92-5) Phenoxyethanol (122-99-6) Ethylhexylglycerin (70445-33-9) Disodium EDTA(139-33-3) Sodium Benzoate(532-32-1) Acacia Senegal (9000-01-5) Dextrin(9004-53-9) Water. Plus color pigments.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


How Do I Apply
Always start with a clean dry face before face painting.

Dampen a brush or sponge with a small amount of water. Be sure to squeeze off any excess water. Rub the damp applicator on top of the face paint cake until a creamy consistency is reached. It is better to start with little water than too much, as more water can be added later.

Apply face paint to skin in consistent even strokes. Allow the base color to dry for at least 5 minutes before starting your line work.

How Do I Remove

To remove from skin: Wash with soap and water or baby wipes. Work into face painted area for 15 to 20 seconds to loosen face paint makeup from the skin. Some traces of color may remain for a short period after washing.  

To remove from fabric: Avoid contact with fabric, carpet, and upholstery. In case of accidental contact, spot treat with baby shampoo, liquid dish soap or OxyClean-like product and help loosen the face paint makeup with a toothbrush. Do NOT add water until the soap had loosened the face paint makeup. Once the makeup is thoroughly loosened, add a small amount of warm water. Blot or wet vacuum the area. Repeat this process as necessary. 


How Do I Apply
Always start with a clean dry face before face painting.

Split Cakes can be applied using a 3/4" or 1" flat brush for larger designs. They can be applied using a #12 flat brush for small designs. Split Cakes can also be applied using a damp sponge.

Step 1: Slightly moisten your brush by gently dipping in water and remove any extra water using a dry towel. If using a sponge, dip the sponge in water and wring out all the water by squeezing it. Alternatively spray water to dampen your sponge.
Step 2: Load the colors from the Cake by moving the brush or sponge back and forth once across the cake surface so both sides are loaded equally.
Step 3: Apply to the face in consistent even strokes.

How Do I Remove
Wash with soap and water or baby wipes.


After each use, completely wipe dry the surface of the cake and then let it air dry before closing with lid. In case of split cakes, wipe dry by wiping in the direction of the color stripes to prevent mix up of colors. After drying, store in a cool and dry place away from direct light.

Shelf Life: Once opened - 12 months. Stored dry and unopened - 5-8 years.


Kraze FX is a face paint line developed, who is a growing face paint retailer since 2009. Out of our close interactions with the professional face painting community during this period, was born the idea of a face paint line developed by face painters.

We worked closely with a facebook group of 350 professional face painters to create an innovative line with great color payoff, coverage, consistency and performance.

Our real journey has just started! We hope you all will give Kraze FX a try and help us with your valuable feedback on what we can do better! We want you to join the conversations about new product ideas and try out some FREE samples! Join theKraze FX Artist Community today!

Blake Cabot