Top 4 Clown Face Paint Tutorials: How to Paint a Clown Face Step by Step - Videos & Tutorials

This tutorial on how to paint a clown face step by step is just what you need to get started!

A clown makeup design is a very simple yet fun design when it comes to face painting. There are always kids in an event who would love to be painted as a clown. 

How to Paint a Clown Face Step by Step: Video Tutorials & Guides

In this tutorial, we will show you several different videos and guides on how to paint a clown face step by step. This includes:

  • How to paint a clown face on a child
  • How to paint a clown face for Halloween
  • How to paint a scary clown face on a child
  • How to paint a cute clown face
  • What types of paints to use
  • And much, much more!

#1. How to Paint a Clown Face on a Child

In this video tutorial, you'll see a fun, but very easy clown face on a child. You only need four basic colors for this one: white, red, blue, and green! Of course, you can choose different colors to your liking, or even allow the child to pick his/her own colors as well.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Outline the face using a chisel brush and white face paint. Sponge in and blend.

Step 2: Take a medium brush and with green face paint make a triangle under one eye and an oval above the opposite eye. Do the same thing with blue face paint on the opposite for each eye. Use a chisel brush to color it in.

Step 3: Use a medium brush and red face paint to make a red clown nose on the nose tip. Paint the mouth red, accentuating the bottom lip and add two circles on each side of the mouth.

Step 4: Use a small brush with white face paint and highlight the mouth and nose and outline the face paint around the eyes.

Products Used in the Video

Ruby Red White 100 Face Paints
Ruby Red Red Face Paints - Red 250
Ruby Red Blue Face Paints - Pastel Blue 410
Ruby Red Green Face Paint Refills - Pastel Green 510 (0.14 oz/2 ml)
Paradise Wide Chisel Brush (1/2")
Royal Brush - Soft Grip Brushes (5 pack)
Snazaroo High Density Sponge (2") - 2-pack

#2. How to Paint a Clown Face for Halloween

In this video tutorial, Kellie Burrus shows us an appropriately scary clown face for Halloween. We love this design because it's perfect for both children and adults! Put your own unique spin on this look by experimenting with different colors!

#3. How to Paint a Scary Clown Face on a Child

How to Paint a Scary Clown on a Child

For the most part, children don't really like scary clowns. But, there are a few that DO, and for those, we've got a special and unique tutorial on how to paint a scary clown face on a child! Although this look was made on an adult, it will work equally as well on a child, and we love that it's not TOO scary either - it's just the right amount of "boo!".

So whether you're painting this scary clown face on a child or on an adult, it will work for both!

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Starting with the hydra sponge cut in half, and the white face paint, cover the entire face.

Step 2: Next, using the small round brush, outline the eyes, creating a triangle shape above and below each eye. Add three lines coming out of the corner on each eye.

Step 3: Next, using the red face paint and the medium filbert brush,  paint the tip of the nose, and around the mouth and cheeks.

Step 4: Fill in the shapes around the eye with blue face paint, and using your brush and wet paint, blend the outline and the blue together.

Step 5: Next, using the medium filbert brush and the white face paint, add teeth along the lip line, and continue onto the cheeks.

Step 6: Using the small round brush, and black paint, outline the teeth, and along the outside of the lips as well. Outline the nose, and using wet paint, blend the red and black together.

Step 7: Finally, add any detail to the design, such as dots, or lines.

Products Used:

Diamond FX Essential Black
Diamond FX Essential White
Wolfe Face Paints Red
Small #0 Round Brush
Medium Filbert
High Density Hydra Foam Sponge
paper towels
 or cloth
water container
(optional) Spray bottle with water

#4. How to Paint a Cute Clown Face

How to Paint a Cute Clown Face

Believe it or not, not all clowns are meant to be scary of super silly: some are just mean to be cute! This this super easy, 2 minute cute clown face tutorial that's great for younger children but adults as well!

You don't need too many colors for this design, and it also won't take a lot of time, which is perfect for restless children (or adults!).

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Load your Always Wicked sponge with Global White and sponge in the eyelids. Load your #4 Round Brush with Global Black and paint in the clown eyebrows. Here’s where you can easily change the look of you clown from happy to sad, mad, etc…

Step 2: Grab your blush brush and swirl it around in your Ben Nye Wineberry Blush. Brush in a circle shape on each cheek.

Step 3: Load your #4 Round Brush with Global Red and paint a cute circle shape in the tip of the nose. Paint the bottom lip red as well as a sideways balloon shape on each side of the mouth.

Step 4: Reload your #4 Round Brush with Global Black and paint 3 teardrops of the side of each eye. Continue by painting a single teardrop under each eye.

Step 5: Add glitter to the nose and cheeks and voila, your cute clown face is complete!

Products Used:

Global White
Global Black
Global Red
Ben Nye Blush – Wineberry
#4 Round Brush
Blush Brush
Always Wicked Sponge

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