Tooth Paint

Tooth FX is just one product in our line of Special Effects makeup supplies. Tooth FX is a paint-on black out tooth product used to create several effects, including missing, broken and stained teeth! Tooth black out is great for both fun and scary events.


Ben Nye Tooth FX - Natural White TC-0 (0.125 oz/3.5 ml) $9.00
Mehron White FX Tooth Paints (0.125 oz) $6.95
Mehron Gold FX Tooth Paints (0.125 oz) $6.95
Ben Nye Tooth FX - Zombie Rot Green TC-3 (0.125 oz/3.5 ml) $9.00
Mehron Nicotine FX Tooth Paints (0.125 oz) $6.95
Graftobian Black Tooth Wax (0.125 oz) $6.66
Ben Nye Tooth FX - Nicotine TC-2 (0.125 oz/3.5 ml) $9.00
Ben Nye Tooth FX - Decay Brown TC-4 (0.125 oz/3.5 ml) $9.00
Mehron Blood Red FX Tooth Paints (0.125 oz) $6.95
Ben Nye Tooth FX - Black TC-1 (0.125 oz/3.5 ml) $9.00
Mehron Black FX Tooth Paints (0.125 oz) $6.95
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