Single Cakes By Color

Here is an option to shop for face paints by color. Scroll down and pick a color to see all color choices, within which you will have option for available sizes.

Face Paint Refills are small enough so that you can try out colors with out having to buy too much paint. Medium face paint sizes are good when you need just enough paint for one or two events. Large single colors are for when you need a lot of one color. For professional palettes, for a team of cheerleaders who need one color to paint a logo on their faces, or for anyone who uses lots of face paint.


TAG Face Paints - Black $3.28 - $14.50
Kraze Square - Red (25 gm) $6.00 $6.50
TAG Face Paints - White $3.28 - $14.50
TAG Face Paints - Red $3.28 - $14.50
TAG Face Paints - Orange $3.28 - $6.30
TAG Face Paints - Pink $3.28 - $14.50
TAG Body Art - Neon Yellow $3.60 - $16.50