Ooh! Body Art Face Painting Stencils

Ooh! Stencils are durable, easy to use, flexible mylar stencils that can be used to quickly add fun design accents to your face and body art, using airbrush or sponge.

Save on a set of 3 (Pick your designs)!

Flip stencils are great for symmetrical designs on face, where as wrap stencils help you create designs focused around eyes or forehead. Sphere stencils help you create spherical accents that narrow down towards a central focal pointPetite stencils are great for centerpiece accents.


Ooh! Wrap Stencil - Twinkle Star $5.00
Sold Out
Ooh! Wrap Stencil - Heart $5.00
Ooh! Wrap Stencil - Spiderweb $5.00
Ooh! Wrap Stencil - Scales $5.00
Ooh! Texture Stencil - Reptile Skin $6.00
Ooh! Flip Stencil - Dolphin $5.00
Ooh! Flip Stencil - Snowflake Queen $5.00
Ooh! Mask Stencil - Bat Hero $8.00
Ooh! Flip Stencil - Stars $5.00
Ooh! Wrap Stencil - Flower $5.00
Ooh! Flip Stencil - Monster Horn $5.00
Ooh! Flip Stencil - Heart $5.00
Ooh! Mask Stencil - Marvelous Tiara $8.00
Ooh! Sphere Stencil - Mandala $5.25
Ooh! Flip Stencil - Frozen Snowflake 3 $5.00
Ooh! Mask Stencil - Snowflake Princess $7.50
Ooh! Storm Stencil - Snowflake 3 $6.00
Ooh! Wrap Stencil - Monster Horn $5.00
Ooh! Mask Stencil - Spider Hero $8.00
Ooh! Flip Stencil - Snowflake 1 $5.00