Neon Liquid Paint

Day Glow and black light reactive makeup is face/body paint that glows brightly under black light and is brighter than usual in normal light. Not all of these make ups are black light reactive, so ready the description for each one to make sure you are buying what you need. Some apply as one color and glow a different color under black light. It's fun!

  • 1 ounce will cover about 20 full faces or 70 cheek applications
  • 4 ounces is good for about 80 to 280 applications

    Mehron Liquid - Glow In The Dark White (1 oz) $5.95 $6.95
    Mehron Fantasy FX Tubes - Glow in the Dark GL (1 oz) $3.95
    Mehron Liquid - Day Glow Blue GLBL (4.5 oz) $9.95 $10.95
    Kryolan Aquacolor Liquid - Day Glow Pink (1 oz) $11.95
    Mehron Fantasy FX Tubes - Fluorescent Blue (1 oz) $3.20 $3.50
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