Mehron Setting Sprays

Setting Sprays help keep your fantastic makeup creations from smudging, smearing, and rubbing off on clothing. Simply use Mehron Setting Spray before applying makeup, latex, or adhesives to prevent sweat from ruining your work of art. You can also spray it over your makeup to lessen its transference to clothing. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, Setting Spray helps to minimize irritation from makeup products. Simply spray onto skin and wash off with soap and water once you are finished. Material Safety Data SheetsMore company info...


Mehron Skin Prep Pro (No Sweat) $11.95
Mehron Barrier Spray Pump $8.95 - $19.95
Mehron Fixative "A" Sealer with Brush $5.95 - $7.95
Mehron LipStix Sealer (15 ml) $5.95
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