Kryvaline Palettes

Kryvaline Palettes are an assortment of colors perfect for a variety of face painting needs. Available in essential, metallic or mix of metallic and neon colors, in 12 color or 9 color choices. Kryvaline Palettes are easy to carry and easy to access for face painters, especially when they are on the go. Perfect for festivals & fairs. More company info...

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Kryvaline Regular Face Paint Palettes (12/Colors - 10 gm) $39.90
Kryvaline Metallic & Neon Palette (12/Colors - 6 gm) $39.00
Kryvaline Split Cake Palette (6 Cakes/6 gm) $28.00
Kryvaline Regular Face Paint Palettes (12/Colors - 6 gm) $34.00
Kryvaline Split Cake Palette 1 $185.00
Sold Out
Kryvaline Split Cake Palette 2 $174.50 $185.00
Sold Out
Kryvaline Empty Palette w/ 12 x 30 gm Insert - Choose Color Build Your Own
Kryvaline Metallic & Neon Palette (12/Colors - 10 gm) $47.00 $52.00
Sold Out
Kryvaline Metallic Face Paint Palettes (9/Colors - 30 gm) $76.00 $95.00
Sold Out
Kryvaline Build Your Own Face Paint Palette (12 Colors) Build Your Own