Kryolan Face Painting Brushes

Kryolan Face Painting Brushes are made from high quality synthetic Japanese fibers so the brush only absorbs the minimum amount of face paint. The number of the face painting brush follows this rule: the higher the number, the bigger or wider the face paint brush. The Kryolan Brushes are great for creating intricate face painting designs. More from Kryolan...

10% Savings On Kryolan Brush Sets

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Kryolan #3 Round Brush (1/8") $2.90
Kryolan #2 Flat Brush (1/8") $2.90
Kryolan #5 Round Brush (1/8") $4.30
Kryolan #1 Fine Point Round Brush (1/16") $2.75
Kryolan Velour Powder Puff (3" x 3 3/4") - 1-pack $2.90
Kryolan Face Paint Brush Kit (Small & Medium) $6.48 $7.20
Sold Out
Kryolan #10 Flat Brush (3/8") $5.20
Sold Out
Kryolan #4 Flat Brush (3/16") $3.60
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