Kryolan Aquacolor Palettes

Kryolan Palettes are perfect for the face painter on the go and comes in a sturdy and refillable metal palette with 6, 12, or 24 four ml Kryolan face paint colors.

Kryolan Face Paints is a color-intensive, glycerin-based cake makeup, that applies easily with sponge or brush. Aquacolor is made of high quality ingredients to be blendable, comfortable on the skin while being vibrant and opaque. Kryolan Face Paints is ideal for face and body painting because it's creamy consistency allows it to be easily blended and remain flexible to resist cracking while drying quickly to a smudge-proof and durable finish. More company info...

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Kryolan Aquacolor Vivid Palettes (12 Colors) $49.90
Sold Out
Kryolan Aquacolor Palette - Basic (18 Colors) $48.30
Kryolan UV-Dayglow Palette (5 Colors) $35.50
Kryolan Aquacolor Vivid Palettes (24 Colors) $93.90
Kryolan Aquacolor UV-Dayglow Palettes (6 Colors) $43.50
Empty Face Paint Palette Case Insert (Kryolan) $14.00
Kryolan Aquacolor Cosmetic UV-Dayglow Neo Palette (6 Colors) $43.50
Kryolan Aquacolor Interferenz Palettes (6 Colors) $37.50
Kryolan Pintura Water Color Makeup Palette - 6 Colors (4 ml each) $16.00
Sold Out
Kryolan Aquacolor Metallic Palettes (6 Colors) $34.00
Sold Out
Kryolan Aquacolor Vivid Palettes (6 Colors) $28.90
Sold Out