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Grimas Pure Water Makeup is a gluten free, unperfumed, water based, glossy makeup that is a great choice for face and body painting. Grimas Pure Water Makeup is certified safe for use on children. Grimas Water Makeup can also be used on untreated hair (that is not permed, dyed, bleached or treated with henna), using a toothbrush. Grimas Pure Makeup is safe for use near eyes, mucous membranes or lips.

Grimas paints that are labelled as "Pure" are free of any chemical preservatives, like parabens or halogenated organic compounds. Different colors can be mixed together to achieve desired effects. Read our review of Grimas Face Paints here.

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Grimas Pure Water Makeup - Blue 303 (15 ml) $10.58 $13.22
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Grimas Water Makeup - Pearl Deep Pink 753 (15 ml) $13.22
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