Graftobian ProPaint Palettes

Graftobian Palettes contain 12 ProPaint colors in a sturdy, snapcase box. Graftobian ProPaint face paints are highly pigmented, glycerin-based cake makeup that easily activate with minimal amount of water. They are long wearing and provide smooth application & smudge-free finishMore company info...

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Graftobian ProPaint Regular Palette (12 Colors) $244.00
Graftobian ProPaint Build Your Own Face Paint Palette (12 Colors) Build Your Own
Graftobian Empty Palette w/ 12 x 30 ml Insert - Choose Color Build Your Own
Graftobian ProPaint Metallic Master Palette #4 (12 Colors) $225.00 $260.00
Sold Out
Graftobian ProPaint Master Palette #3 (12 Colors) $128.00 $194.00
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Graftobian ProPaint Metallic/Neon Palette (12 Colors) $185.00 $214.00
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