Graftobian Costume Blood

    Graftobian makes some superb stage blood products.
    • Graftobian Stage Blood is the color of real blood with a realistic slow dripping syrup consistency
    • Graftobian Blood Gel has a syrup based fake blood, making it the consistency of thick honey. Because this fake blood product is a deep red color, drips slowly and has a wet look that never dries, it's ideal for making fake blood costumes for Halloween
    • Graftobian Blood Paste is good for blood special effects: gore makeup or filling cavities in moulage
    • Graftobian Magic Blood Powder is a water activated powder that is invisible when applied, but the fake blood appears when wetted 

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    Graftobian Blood Paste (1 oz) $6.30 $7.00
    Graftobian Blood Gel (1 oz) $6.30 $7.00