Gold can be used in so many face and body designs. Fantasy creatures, wild animals, or your school colors. Make sure you have enough Gold on hand. Gold shimmer powders can be mixed with a mixing liquid like LiquidSet to create a solid looking surface; make statues and crowns on skin.


Kraze FX Flower Bouquet Split Cake Palette by Linnea Novak $56.50
Kraze FX Paint & Sparkle Palette by Jacqueline Howe $70.00
Kraze FX Splash 12 One Stroke Split Cake Palette (6 gm each) $45.00
Kraze FX Face Paint Palette Refill - Gold (0.21 oz/6 gm) $2.10
VIVID Gleam Chunky Glitter Cream - Gold Dust $6.99
Vivid Glitter Gleam Glitter Cream Palette - Let's Party (12 Colors) $66.00
Vivid Glitter Gleam Glitter Cream Palette - Vivid Dream (6 Colors) $36.00
Fusion Body Art The Ultimate Face Painting Palette (24 Colors/5 gm) $49.96
Kraze FX Celebration Split Cake Palette $56.50
Kraze Dome Stroke - Poinsettia (25 gm) $10.85
Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Pearl Metallic Gold (32 gm) $7.75
Festival Glitter - Unicorn Pop $9.55
Amerikan Body Art Glitter Creme - Asteroid (15 gm) $6.98 $7.98
Kraze FX One Stroke Palette Refill - Royal Blood (0.35 oz/10 gm) $4.75
Fusion Body Art Perfect Face Painting Kit $33.99
VIVID Gleam Chunky Glitter Cream - Cardinal $6.99
VIVID Gleam Chunky Glitter Cream - Mardi Party $6.99
Fusion Body Art Glitter - Golden Stars (10 gm/0.35 oz) $7.00
Superstar Face Paint - Gold Shimmer With Glitter 066 $6.75 - $9.99
Silly Farm Rainbow Split Cakes - Brilliant Bling - (2 oz/50 gm) $17.99