Face Painting Foam Tips

Foam Tip Face Paint Applicators are easy to use and easy to clean and handy when using powder makeup, glitter powder, rough or eye shadow. Foam tip face paint applicators are absorbant and provide extra control when using liquid body art makeup and henna.


Jest Paint Bolt Velvet Blender Brush (5/8") $5.88
Ruby Red Dotter Wands $4.80 $5.50
Ruby Red Professional Large Blender Applicator $4.80 $6.00
Graftobian Sponge Tip Makeup Corrector $4.50
Paradise Smoothie Blender Brush $8.95 $9.95
Ruby Red Professional Small Blender Applicator $4.00 $5.00
Qosmedix Lollipop Swabs (5/pack or 10/pack) $2.60 - $5.25
Sold Out
Ruby Red Small Dual-Tipped Applicator - 1-pack $0.32 $0.35
Sold Out
Cameleon Sponge Dot Brush (3/16") $9.50
Sold Out