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Support Face Painting Artists

Due to the current crisis and the demise of the social economy, face painters have been hurting.  So to support our artists, is excited to have these amazing products from face paint artists.

We are doing this as a service to the Professional Face Paint Community.  We are charging a minimal amount so most of the money of anything that you buy will go directly to the artist.

Help a face painter today!

If you are interested in selling your product, please review our Face Painter Marketplace FAQ.



Eco-Sponges (25/pack) $8.99
Sold Out wants to support the face painting community by offering you a chance to create your own products and sell them through us.


Why are we doing this?


Everybody including us is hurting out there. This will give you a chance to make extra money. We get 10% and $1 per order, but I promise you that we are not making money on this deal.  

This will give you to put your creativity to use and make a little money in the process.   

We are doing this as a service to you.


So how this works:

  1. We have you fill out some forms telling us about yourself.

  2. Once we approve your account, we will send you another form to fill out for EACH product.

  3. You send us your product at your expense.

  4. We will put your listing up on

  5. Once a month, we will give you an accounting of what you sold and send you the money.


What are our fees?


We will charge you $1 for each order for shipping and handling and 10% of the overall revenue. For example, if you had a $15 product with us and a customer bought it, then you would make $12.50.  We would get $1 for the order and $1.5 for the percentage.


What are the Rules?


You have to have products that are:

  1. Made by you

  2. Useful to the face painting community

  3. Not wholesaled on other websites

If you can’t do that, reserves the right to remove any products from our site for any reason at any time.  (We will obviously pay you any money that we owe you.)

What products can you sell?


Well split cakes are an obvious idea. You can mix brands and sell them to other face painters who might like the combination.

You can sell rocks if they are cute. Let your imagination run wild.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Stencils

  • Brushes

  • Sponges

How do I get started?


We will need some basic information, a contract and then we can get to creating products.

We will need a picture for your vendor page and a description that you want us to use.

  1. You fill out some basic information on this FP Marketplace Vendor Form.  

  2. We will send you a contract to sign.

  3. You send us the signed contract.

  4. We will send you a link to start creating the product.

How do I get paid?


Every month, we will send you a report and payment via paypal less our fees and refunds.


How do I market this?


Once we have listed the product, please add it to your site, facebook page, etc.  We will share some of the products on our weekly promotional email when we can.

What happens to my inventory if you don’t sell it?


We will make every effort to sell your product, but in the event, the demand is not there. We will send it back to you at our cost.  

A warning about inventory: We will do our level best not to lose anything, but just understand it happens sometimes. We are not responsible for lost carrier shipments.