Dome Strokes & Dome Cakes

Kraze FX Dome Strokes & Dome Cakes have different colors of wax based face paint strips arranged side by side for quick and easy creation of colorful designs. Wax base flexes well with movements to provide a crack resistant, long lasting finish

Domed Split Cakes are raised in the center, designed specially to solve the classic problem artists face generally with split cakes as the paints tend to wear out quickly in the center and create messy puddles and mixing of colors. Comes in amazing color combinations, in 25 gm square containers.

Domed Strokes can be used to paint colorful designs in minutes as the colors can be picked up easily within few brush strokes.

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Kraze formula is non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free, making it a safe choice for painting on children as well as adults in fairs, carnivals, festivals, parties and Halloween. Kraze Face Paint is free of gluten, nut based ingredients, paraben or perfume.

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Kraze Dome Cake - Neon Rave (25 gm) $12.00 $12.50
Kraze Dome Stroke - Bright Neon (25 gm) $10.35 $10.85
Kraze Dome Stroke - Anthem (25 gm) $10.35 $10.85
Kraze Dome Stroke - Shark (25 gm) $10.35 $10.85
Kraze Dome Stroke - Dark Wave (25 gm) $10.35 $10.85
Kraze Dome Cake - Neon Glow (25 gm) $12.50
Kraze Dome Cake - Rainbow Roar (25 gm) $12.00 $12.50
Kraze Dome Stroke - Essential Rainbow (25 gm) $10.35 $10.85
Kraze FX Dome Stroke by Linnea Novak - Rose Garden (25 gm) $10.85
Kraze Dome Stroke - Orchid (25 gm) $10.35 $10.85
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Kraze Dome Stroke - Pink Rose (25 gm) $10.35 $10.85
Kraze Dome Cake - Shark (25 gm) $12.00 $12.50
Kraze Dome Stroke - Puppy (25 gm) $10.35 $10.85
Kraze Dome Stroke Bold and Brilliant Collection by Jacqueline Howe - Harmony (25 gm) $10.85
Kraze Dome Cake - Hawaiian Sunrise (25 gm) $12.50
Kraze FX Dome Stroke by Linnea Novak - Tropical Hibiscus (25 gm) $10.85
Kraze FX Dome Stroke - Bright Rainbow (25 gm) $10.85
Kraze Dome Cake - Neon Thrill (25 gm) $12.50
Kraze Dome Stroke - Lush (25 gm) $10.35 $10.85
Kraze Dome Stroke - Jalapeno (25 gm) $10.35 $10.85