Black Polyester Glitter

Black glitter looks great with matching eye shadow. Black glitter is not necessarily only for use for Halloween makeup but can be creatively utilized for an intense look to go with a black dress, kids costume, etc. Black glitter adds intensity to any face art painting. Try pairing it with silver glitter for dual-color designs or evening makeup.


VIVID Glitter Midnight Glitter Stackable $3.99
Mama Clown Opaque Poofable Glitter - Black Shimmer (1 oz/28 gm) $5.00
Art Factory Rainbow Jewel Glitter - Black (0.5 oz) $4.00
Diamond FX Cosmetic Glitter - Gummetal (5 gm) $6.14
Sold Out
Diamond FX Cosmetic Glitter - Multi (Black) (5 gm) $6.14
Sold Out
Amerikan Body Art Cosmetic Glitter - Jet Black (Opaque) $3.98 - $10.00