Ben Nye Sealers & Removers

Ben Nye Sealers and Makeup Removers are specially design products to use with your favorite Ben Nye makeup products. Ben Nye Sealers include Ben Nye Final Seal and Ben Nye LiquiSet Spray, which are applied over makeup for a smudge and water-resistant finish.

Ben Nye Final Seal can be used to prep skin before applying makeup, sealing against sweat and oil. Available in a 2 oz, 8 oz or 16 oz size. Ben Nye LiquiSet may be mixed with water-activated makeup to create a stronger, water resistant formula, as well as with Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe Powders for a shimmering luminescent paint. Available in a 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz or 16 oz size.

Ben Nye Quick Cleanse Makeup Remover easily removes all creme makeup and face paint, while Ben Nye Hydra Cleanse Makeup Remover, which is oil and fragrance free, gently cleans water-based face paint and makeup off face and body. Available in a 2 oz (59 ml) or 8 oz (236 ml) bottle.


Ben Nye Final Seal $16.00 - $48.00
Ben Nye Tattoo Cover No. 1 $8.56
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Ben Nye Liquid Brush Cleaner $7.00
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