Amerikan Body Art SemiSheer Glitter

Amerikan Body Art Build Your Own Glitter Kit (Pick 3+ Colors)

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Amerikan Body Art Holographic SemiSheer Poofable Glitter lets the face paint show through while adding an exciting splash of color. Semi sheer glitter works well for face painting and may be used for glitter tattoos. All of Amerikan Body Art poofable glitter is made from hexagonal .008 sized polyester and is safe for use on body and face. Amerikan Body Art Holographic Glitter is made in the USA. Amerikan Body Art Poofable Glitter comes in 0.5 poofer bottle and 2 oz refill size. More company info...

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Amerikan Body Art Glitter Holographic Treasure - Semi-Sheer (0.5 oz) $4.00
Amerikan Body Art Cosmetic Glitter - Holographic Silver (Semi-Sheer) $4.50 - $10.00
Amerikan Body Art Semi Sheer Glitter - Holographic Gold (0.5 oz) $3.98
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