Winner for the 2020 Halloween Design Contest

Thank you to the artists who participated in our Halloween contest recently. It was wonderful to see the variety of entries for this contest.

So many artists find Halloween to be their favorite time of the year as they have opportunities to create extreme designs, so with the many entries, it was a difficult for the judges to choose one favorite, but Natalia Kirillova was the final choice. Congratulations, Natalia!

We asked Natalia to tell us about her inspiration for this month's contest and share more of her work below.

Contest Winner: 
Natalia Kirillova

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in your contests and receive such generous prizes!

Q: What was your inspiration for your design?

I love books about magic, so my drawings are often associated with magical, fairy-tale characters—I really like to draw unicorns, mermaids, fairies, as well as stories related to space and stars. Lately, I often draw on the theme of the sea, especially mermaids. So when I wanted to draw a design for Halloween, I decided not to take the classic skull as an example. I experimented and combined two characters-a mermaid and a zombie. I drew this design for 4.5 hours. I liked it so much that I didn't dare to wash my face for a long time.

Q: How long have you been face painting? Are you a professional or an amateur?

I am a face paint artist. I live and work in Russia in the wonderful city of Yaroslavl. I have been drawing face painting professionally for more than seven years.

Q: What materials did you use to complete your winning design?

Some of the materials I used in my work:
Silly Farm Paint Pal 6-Piece Classic Brush Set
Cameleon #1 Filbert Brush (1/2")
Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Prime White
Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Prime Strong Black
Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Prime Deep Teal 
Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Pearl Ocean Mist 
Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Pearl Mermaid Green 
Fusion Body Art Spectrum FX Palette - Leanne's Happy Pixie Petal Palette
Stencil scales
A bit of makeup

Q: If other artists would like to enjoy seeing more of your work, do you have any social media links you would like to share?

My instagram page is

My Instagram page is
My Facebook page is
My Youtube channel is

Thank you, Natalia, for entering our Halloween Design Contest. Your wonderful work is an inspiration to artists all over the world!