Face Paint Supplies Weekly Giveaway Winners for May 2020

Congratulations Face Paint Supplies Weekly Winners for May 2020!

Congrats to our May winners!

Chrystal Utley 
Laurie Leclercq
Miracle Deavers 

Every week in May, we gave away face painting supplies. There are several ways for you to enter our giveaway, so make sure you take the opportunity to get involved. Some of our winners shared a little about themselves and their face painting journeys below. 


Winner: Chrystal

What was your inspiration in doing your design?

I had never painted Deadpool before. I love Onalee's superhero masks, she understands the structure of the face and how designs will look in pictures.

How long have you been face painting?

I picked up my first paintbrush and started face painting in late Oct 2015, so it's been four years! I loved face painting so much from that very first time I picked up a brush that I knew I wanted to do it professionally. I've had my face painting business, Fun Time Face Painting, since 2016.

What tools and face paints did you use for your design?

I used Global red as the base of the design with a 3/4" Flat brush. I sponged black on the eyes and orange on the high parts of the design as a highlight. I used a rake brush to add the texture on the eyes and the Bam stencil #1206 to add the comic book feel. Last, I outlined with Wolfe black and a round #4 and highlights with Wolfe white and the same brush.

Do you have social media and a website? 

My website is, and anyone can look me up on social media at I'm also on Instagram at #funtimefacepainting 

Winner: Miracle

Thank you so much I am beyond excited to win this! You have no idea how much this means to me!

1. What was your inspiration in doing your design?

My inspiration was my siblings and my two God children who am I currently watching. It really was just an activity to keep them entertained at the house! And it really inspired me and I enjoyed it!

2. How long have you been face painting? Do you face paint as a hobby or as a profession?

I just started face painting so I haven't been doing it very long and I suppose it was supposed to be a hobby but I've enjoyed it so much i want to make a profession out of it

3. What tools/face paint did you use?

I used a Snazaroo face kit.

4. Do you have a website or social media sites?

I do have a website. It's 

And I also have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all under the name NewHorizonsFacePainting.

Congratulations May Winners! If you didn't win this month, check out the upcoming contests so you can enter our drawings. We love to see your creative juices flowing, even in the midst of sheltering at home and not being able to work as a face painter in some parts of the United States, so stop by our Facepaint, Kraze FX, or 411 Learning Group on Facebook to share your work, encourage other artists, and keep up with the news. We hope you keep safe!