Neighborhood Superhero Monthly Challenge

Superhero movies have been topping the charts when it comes to sales and popularity worldwide. So kids (and adults) love to have themselves face painted with their favorite superhero. In our Superheroes Design Contest, we wanted to see our face painters' creativity in painting superheroes. 

We got dozens of awesome entries. However, one entry really caught our judge's eye. 

The Amazing Spiderman

"The placement on the face was absolutely perfect, and Spiderman in that dynamic pose is fabulous. Any kid would want that. (Forget the kids. I'd want that one painted on me.) "

See? This is what our judge said after she chose Natalia's entry as the winner. This design made getting yourself face painted really fun. The design style showed what the superhero does while being awesomely positioned on the model's face, who is Natalia's daughter. 

According to Nataliapainting thin lines on a child who's constantly moving is a challenge but her daughter loves Spiderman so she happily agreed to model. 

Natalia used Cameleon White and Black, Mehron Lagoon Blue, TAG RedBad Ass Mini Stencils - Gradient - BAM 1206.

About the Artist

Kirillova Natalia  (Кириллова Наталия) has been face painting for 5 years and has turned her once hobby into her profession in the last 2 years. 

She has an Instagram page,  where you can find all her awesome work. 

Here are some of here work : 

Staff Favorites

Super Girl by Chris Valeria


Superman by Amanda Ligas