Wonder Woman Face Paint Tutorial: Tiara and Bracelet

Hello everyone! In this post I will explain step by step how to face paint Wonder Woman's tiara and bracelet from the movie. Tag me if you recreate it! 

Woner Woman Face Paint Tutorial

How to Paint the Tiara

Step 1:

Paint the shape of the crown with a golden color and a flat brush.

Step 2:

Paint a silver strip with the same flat brush in the shape you see in the image below.

Step 3:

Outline each section of the crown with a liner brush and chocolate brown paint. With the same color, apply some shadows with a short blending brush in the corners of the tiara. 

Step 4:

With the same brown color and the same liner brush, paint the center of the tiara with a seven pointed star. Paint each point of the star from the center to the line. The top, bottom, left and right tips are longer than the diagonal ones. This star is three-dimensional, so don't forget to paint the shadows of each tip to give this effect.

Step 5:

Use pecan brown and the blending brush to add the softer shadows of the tiara. Add them under the star and at some ends of each strip to give the sensation of volume. With the chocolate brown, add more intensity to some shadows of the corners. With the same brush, also add lights with shimmer white in the center of the strips and the star's tips. 

Step 6:

With chocolate brown color, add the darkest shadows under the principal strips of the tiara and thicken the bottom lines with the liner brush to give more depth.

Step 7:

To finish, use the liner brush and black paint to darken and emphasize some shadows of the contour lines of the tiara and the star and give them more definition.

How to Paint the Bracelet

Step 1:

Paint the shape of the bracelet with silver paint and a big filbert brush.

Step 2:

With a #4 round brush and gold paint, paint the golden parts of the bracelet.

Step 3:

With black paint and a liner brush, outline the outside parts of the bracelet.

Step 4:

With the blending brush and black paint, add some shadows around the golden parts. With the big filbert brush and black paint, add shadows to the silver part of the bracelet.

Step 5:

With the liner brush and black paint, paint some lines to simulate the grooves of the bracelet. With the same brush and white paint, add the highlights.

Products Used:

Face Paints

Gold Shimmer
Pecan Brown
Chocolate Brown
Shimmer White


Flat Brush
Liner Brush
Short Blending Brush
Big Filbert Brush
#4 Round Brush


Marta Ortega is a makeup artist, face painting instructor, theatre makeup instructor and a profesional face painter located in Seville (Spain). She is the owner of Purpurina (@maquillajespurpurina) as a face painter, and she is also known as Marta O Makeup (@martaomakeup) as a makeup artist. She has won several face painting contests since she started to learn face paint in 2016, and you can almost always find her creating and designing at her studio, and learning new artistic techniques of all kind (photography, draw, fx makeup, and whatever she likes).