Wonder Woman Cartooned Face Painting Design by Marina

Characters and faces are sometimes too time consuming for "on the job", therefore I'm always trying to simplify them.I hope you will like my Wonder Woman face paint design and be encouraged to try it.

Step 1 - Painting a Basic Shape and Placement

With TAG Skin Tones Palette-beige and a large filbert brush I'm painting the head and upper body. Use paint that is lighter than your skin tone.

Step 2 - Lining of the Base and Painting Crown and Arm Band

Kraze FX Metalic Gold is my favorite gold, it is rich,shiny and  easy to activate. Wonder Woman is recognizable by her head band and arm bands, so those are a must have for this design. Round brush No.0 and Kraze FX Blackare great for lining small designs.When we are sure that the paint is dry, we can place her eyes with Flora No.6 and Kraze FX White.

Step 3 - Adding Eyes and Other Details

Now to make her eyes pretty, add Kraze FX Maya Blue with a round brush No.3, and with the same brush and Paradise Beach Berry Red, add a star to our Wonder Woman head band and on her corset. Wipe the brush on a tissue(to take most of the red paint off) and when it's almost dry, add her cheeks, which will give them a bit of color. Add small white dots in her eyes and with a round brush No.0 and with Kraze FX Black, paint her eyelashes.

Step 4 - Painting The Hair

For Wonder Woman's hair, I'm using a large filbert brush and Kraze FX Black  and bit of Kraze FX Royal Blue. With TAG Beige, paint a rope in both hands and ad highlight the star. For shading, use Mehron StarBlend Ebony Brown - go over the head band to give it more dimension, we well as above the corset, between the eyes and the nose.

Step 5 - Finishing Up

For highlighting her hair, I'm using a short flat 1/2 brush that's almost dry and Kraze FX White. To make our Wonder Women pop out even more, we are painting a background with StarBlend Red and Blue. On top of that, paint stars using Graffiti Madnes Stencil Kit and a jumbo dauber with white. Add some black lines to her rope and we are done!

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will try this design and love it as much as I do. If you paint any of our blog designs please tag us so we can see it.


Kraze FX White 
TAG Skin Tones Palette
Kraze FX Metalic Gold
Kraze FX Black 
Kraze FX Maya Blue
Paradise Beach Berry Red
Kraze FX Royal Blue
TAG - Beige
StarBlend - Red and Blue
Mehron StarBlend - Ebony Brown


Large filbert brush
Round brush No.0
Short Flat Brush
Round No3
Flora No.6
Graffiti Madnes stencil kit 

 Wonder Woman Face Paint Design


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