Wonder Mommy to be Belly Painting by Kellie Burrus

    Gestational Baby Bump paintings are always such a treat. It’s a wonderful experience and keepsake for mom when she combines the final makeup with a photography package. Being prepared for the special commission of a gestational painting is important.

    In this tutorial I discuss placement, color and the over all design. I hope you enjoy!

    Products used:

    - MODA Pro Sculpt Brush

    - Loew-Cornell Round Brush #8 

    - Loew-Cornell Round Brush #5

    - Loew-Cornell Round Brush #2

    - Always Wicked Art Half Round Sponges

    - FAB Face Paint Bright Yellow

    - FAB Face Paint Fire Red

    - FAB Face Paint White

    - FAB Face Paint Black

    - FAB Orange Face Paint in Tiger Split Cake

    - Diamond FX Metallic Blue

    - Wolfe Skinz Palette (sub Diamond FX Skins Palette)

    - TAG White

    - TAG Black

    - Mehron Paradise Dark Brown

    - Pasties (optional)


    Step 1:

    Depending on what your client is comfortable with, prepare with pasties or a nude bra (the model here is wearing pasties). Sketch the design out loosely with a thin round brush and white paint.

    You want to be sure that the focus of your design (the baby) is large enough and placed in a very visible area for the pictures. I ask mom to stand up to make sure. 

    Using a brush that will carry a lot of paint (I used the MODA pro sculpt brush) fill in the areas of your design with the colors you plan on using. Here I have filled in the gold areas and red areas using a yellow and red.


    Step 2: 

    Here I filled in the background “sky” area with a pearl blue, buffing the color gradually toward the baby. 

    As you can see mom spilled a little water on her red and yellow, I fix that later.

    Step 4:

    For this step I used a baby wipe and wipe paint away in areas where I plan to create white stars. I also filled in the baby with a skin tone matching mom and fill in the babies cloud, diaper and cape.

    Step 5:

    At this stage I use a white paint with a sponge to add shimmery highlights to the yellow/gold on both the top piece and the belt. I also use orange and a sponge to add highlights to the red parts of her “suit” wherever the light would naturally fall. * I asked mom to stand up again for this part.

    Step 6:

    Next I used brown paint and a sponge to add some shadow to the yellow in the top piece and the belt. The brown helps to give the illusion that it is a shiny gold.  I also loaded a sponge with black and shaded the red parts of her “suit”. 

    I mixed some white with the shimmery blue and filled in around the stars. Using that same mixture I shaded the cloud. 

    Using a sponge loaded with white I added soft highlight on the babies skin and eyelids.

    I used a round brush loaded with white to highlight the babies cape and diaper and to add highlights and dots in and around the stars.


    Step 7:

    In this step I used a round brush and strong black paint to outline most of the design and adding a super hero style curl for the baby. I also used some dark blue paint loaded on a round brush to add some shading to the stars and cloud. 

    Step 8:

    In the final step I use a round brush loaded with a strong white and highlight where needed, paying special attention to areas of the yellow/gold to make it “shine” and to the babies hair and skin.

    Painting bellies is a blast! Have fun!