Webinar: Unicorns with Elodie Ternois

In this webinar, Elodie will share with you her few secrets to make your unicorns a magical creature!


Design #1

So the first design is a very basic design. So I start with Kryolan White because it's glycerin-based and it's very easy for blending so I prefer using this for my unicorn bases. So I use a #4 Loew-Cornell brush. It's gonna be an eye design. So I start with the head [with] a circle. Then I add the muzzle, add ears, the horn, and I add the neck. I connect the head line with the muzzle. I add the mouth part, so it's the chin and jaw. For blending inside, I use the Paint Pal Silly Farm Little Drop filbert brush.

Before I continue with the details, the mane, and the black outlining, I make a background on her eyes with a petal sponge and Fusion Prime Light Blue. Just like butterfly wings.

Then add a rainbow. This is Leanne's Lollipop Split Cake by Fusion. And I really love to start with a glycerin-based white for a pastel rainbow. So I start my rainbow very close to the neck of the unicorn and I make a circle and I finish my rainbow on the outer corner of the eye. You can add some glitter on it if you want so this is Jest Paint's Holographic Jest Glitz Fairy Sparkle.

Now I add the mane with Fusion Prime Pink Sorbet. I start with a fringe. I always start on the top of a unicorn, so like an S-curve. [The mane should be] big at the beginning, and step by step I decrease the [size of the] mane.

So now I'll add blush for the unicorn with Elisa Griffith Flamingo powder and I add it on the cheek. I really love this effect because it's softer.

Next is black outlining and maybe just before the black you can add some teardrops with a #3 Loew-CornellI use a very fine brush [for the black outlining], it's a The Face Painting Shop brush #1 with Fusion Prime Strong Black. Always start on the top. I twist my horn. I prefer this style because it's more girly and cute. Add some lines inside [the mane].

It's time for the girly eyes. I make my eyes very round so don't hesitate to make big eyes. And I just add a blue eye with Pearl Winter Blue. Add eyelashes. And if you want, you can add a black line around the blue. 

I'll add, with a round brush #3, the little white dots inside the pupil. Add some highlights in the mane and on the horn. So for me, this is a very basic on-the-job unicorn design.


Design #2

So for this design, it's gonna have the flowy mane so the superstar is the mane. I use the exact same tools and same placement. So a circle for the head, ear, horn, the muzzle, and neck, connect the head with the muzzle, the chin and jaw part. And blend inside with a filbert brush.

You can add, if you want, some rainbow. So I just load with a petal sponge and Vivid Butterfly just to create a nice background.

Now, I'll add the mane using a lilac color. So, always the same with the fringe, always the same direction. And now for the construction of the flowy mane. You need a big angular shape. If you want to create a very good mane and flow, it's necessary to connect your line with a focal point of the face so that it's more flawless. So I'll blend it with a filbert brush and if you want, just add highlights for texture.

You can do the horn with yellow if you want. It's very nice too.

I'm just adding some teardrops for a beautiful design like a butterfly shape. You can imagine it as a wing or just a detail, ornament, if you want. 

Then it's time to outline. Twist the horn, then do the fringe, the muzzle, the chin and jaw. Add the nose and smile and I'll continue with the mane. The lines are always curved, not straight. And for the mane, I'm gonna change it up so I'm gonna twist it like the horn. 

You can add some blue eyes or purple, green eyes. You can add blush. Add shadow blending for more texture and highlights just to show the contrast.


Design #3

So, always the same construction. Circle, ear, horn, the neck, and the body but maybe stronger-looking. And we have the chin and the jaw but this part is more square.

I'll make the mane with a blue from this rainbow cake called Bluebelle Shimmer. It's like the pegasus in the Disney movie, Hercules.

With my black color and fine brush, always the same. I let the mane dry so I'll continue with the body. The shape of the body is straighter, not round. The nose is a little bit bigger and you can add villainous eyes. And you can add some crosses because he came from a unicorn fight.

You can add blue, you can add a stencil like graffiti. You can add some highlights inside the mane. Very, very basic unicorn boy. The expression is very different and the flow is very different to the girly unicorn. It's a very cool design for boys. You can add a bruise or something like that. With just this basis for a unicorn, it's the beginning of a very beautiful face painting.


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:


Kryolan Aquacolor - White
Loew-Cornell #4 Round
Silly Farm Paint Pal Little Drop Filbert Brush
Fusion Prime Light Blue
Fusion Leanne's Lollipop
Fusion Prime Pink Sorbet
Jest Glitz Face Paint Glitter
Elisa Griffith Flamingo
Loew-Cornell #3 Round
The Face Painting Shop #1 Brush
Fusion Prime Strong Black
Fusion Pearl Winter Blue
Loew-Cornell #2 Round
Fusion Leanne's Vivid Rainbow Petal Palette
Fusion Leanne's Happy Pixie Petal Palette


If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later on our YouTube channel. Thank you, Elodie, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.