Webinar: Airbrush Tattoos with Marcela Bustamante

In this webinar, learn airbrush tattoos with Marcela Bustamante.


Design #1

So the first stencil that I'm gonna use is this one, it's a Badass Stencil, and the number is 6039 Flutter. This is the most popular [stencil] that I have. I always try it on a paper towel [first] and I let it run a little bit [to see] if it's working well.

So I'm gonna put some yellow like this with a flow. Keep this distance, like, 3-2 inches away. And then I'm gonna start applying all of these butterflies, the entire ones, different sizes.

So I'm gonna start with the pink, just the top wing, and the other top wing. Sometimes you need to cover the edges with the fingers or with some paper or with another stencil if you're airbrushing too close to the stencil. So this time I'm gonna start by trying to do the top, and then the bottom one, and then the antennas. And I'm gonna leave some yellow underneath.

So I'm gonna use this orange. I’m gonna go in again with the same stencil and I'm gonna cover that part with the pink.

I'm gonna keep this in these colors. [You could] add some glitter, or you can add some swirls with a brush. Put some blue here and there to make some contrast and that's it!


Design #2

[I'm gonna start with blue] and then the pink, and then purple. When you change colors, let the paint run [before switching].

[My white isn't working so] I'm gonna do the dolphin with yellow. Then I'm going with the blue to make some splashes and some bubbles. 

This design with white would look much better but that's the idea!


Design #3

[I'm starting with] yellow, then pink. Then I'm gonna spray [the cage stencil] with blue. Don't color the entire design with one solid color. Just spray a little bit more there, here.

So once I have that one, I'm gonna do this [bird]. So I can start with blue, and then I can finish with the pink, and then some feathers. You can make layers. And then the negative part of the stencil which I love.

Using a stencil just to give more texture. And then we can use the hummingbird just lightly. I'm not gonna put the pink on top of the green, okay, I'm gonna go to the transition: green, blue, and then pink.

Don't go crazy on all the colors. I'm just using green, blue, and pink, and look how many colors I'm creating.

Another thing, don't make all of them very solid. Do one layer lighter than the rest just to give some movement. I like to use the stars, the little birds over there.

So we have that one. It's huge but this one is good for the back or you can make it smaller with less birds, it'll fit perfectly on an arm. 


Design #4

So I'm gonna make a base with green and I'm gonna place this skull stencil. Then I'm gonna place the two skulls. Then we can use some bones, and then some texture. It's two colors, a couple of stencils, and that's it. That took me 3 minutes.


Design #5

I'm gonna do this cute turtle. So I'm gonna give a yellow base. [Do] some swirls, and then I'm gonna do some scales.

Once I have that, I'm going to do the turtle outline first. Then I'm gonna do the edges with blue. 

Put some stars and then some fish. We can add a very cute dolphin just like that, a soft background. Alright! So then you have the "under the sea" design.


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:


Eclipse Airbrush Set
FAB Airbrush Makeup (Hybrid)
Bad Ass Full Size Stencil Flutter 6039
Tattoo Pro Kids Series Stencil - Fantasy
Iwata Compressor
Tattoo Pro Kids Series Stencil - Ocean Fun
Tattoo Pro Series 1 Stencil - Skulls
Tattoo Pro Series 1 Stencil - Free Birds


Questions and Answers:


Q: Is it faster to paint a tattoo with airbrush or with a split cake?
A: I think with the airbrush because if you have a nice setup with several airbrushes it's super quick because you have one color on each or at least you have to get one for white, one for black, and then 2 for the other colors. You can use yellow and blue in one gun, and then orange and pink in another one.

Q: How long do you think a general tattoo lasts?
A: With hybrid paint, if they're not in a pool and it's a regular party, probably 1-2 days if they don't scrub or don't wash it really hard with soap when they take a shower. But if they're in a pool, I'd say a couple hours. 

Q: Do you find sweating makes the hybrid paint come off easier?
A: Not the sweating. Just chlorine from a pool. I don't think sweating is a big deal.


If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later on our YouTube channel. Thank you, Marcela, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.