Webinar: Split Cake Designs With Elaine Goh

The owner of, Blake Cabot, is here with professional face painter, Elaine Goh, who is from Australia.

So this practice sheet is actually my daughter. And all I've done is just took a picture of her profile and then printed it. Then I've put a clear board and put it on top of the picture!

Split Cake Flower Design

Split Cake Flower Face Paint Design

I'm using the Kraze FX one stroke palette, and I'm going to start off with this black, red, orange, and yellow split cake. I'm using a half inch angled brush, and I want to get just the tip of the black, because I don't want to have a whole heap of black. So I load up quite frequently.

Once the flower has dried, I'm going to be using this stencil by Glitter and Ghouls.I'm going to be using a finger dauber and a green split cake. I'm going to spray the dauber twice before swiping it into the split cake. You should also test it on your hand before, to make sure it's not too wet. It's getting a bit dry, so I'm going to reload. So dark at the bottom, and light at the top.

I'm going to go back to the green split cake, and I've already wet my brush. A lot of the time, I'll just spray my black, and when I spray, it's about 10cm away. When you spray, you want to just wet the surface slightly, and not have it soaking.

To get a clean line, you need brushes that are nice and crisp. So just dip the very tip of the brush into the black and paint your leaves. If you want to get nice line work, always think about the thin to thick to thin, or thin to thick to thin.

The good thing about face painting, is you can put as much detail or as little detail as possible. If you've got nobody waiting in line or you've got only one or two people, you can keep going and keep adding more details. If you want to, as some of you know, I can do a white outline on top of that, to make it stand out even more.

Instead of dots (I'm doing dots today), you can also use glitter.

Ladybug Face Paint Design

Ladybug Face Paint Design

For this next design, I'll be using black face paint to make a an eye design. Use red to fill in the black bubble. Then add in some black dots to your ladybug. Next I'm going to be using the green split cake from the Kraze FX split cake palette to add in some leaves.

You don't have to do this white outline, but if you have time, you might as well!

On The Job Superman Design

On the Job Superman Design

So this next design is going to be a really fast, on the job superhero. For this, I'm going to start off with a dauber loaded with TAG yellow face paint.

Whether it's on a face or on a board, sometimes when you have a stencil, and you can't tell where the middle is, I actually make a line in the middle of the forehead, as a reference point. Place your stencil down, and use a dauber to fill it in. I always like to go around the sides first, to make sure it's completely filled in.

The next stencil I'm going to use is the "S" for the Superman logo. For this, I'm going to use a dark red face paint. I usually squirt my dauber as well before dipping it into the paint.

Next I'm going to load up a small brush with a dark blue from the Kraze FX split cake palette. Obviously if you're rushing, you can leave this part out, but if you have the time, it looks so much better.

Before, when I was doing the flower, I was only using the tip, but I'm going to be using a little more of the black now.

If you have time, and you want to make it look even flashier, you can put another stencil above. This is a stencil by Graffiti Madness. I will use the yellow face paint again.

Batman Face Paint Design

Batman Face Paint Design

For this next design, I'll be doing a batman stencil design, and I'll use black face paint and a dauber. Then I'll load a brush up with a black and blue split cake to make the mask around the eyes.


Q: Do you use finger daubers for all stencils?
A: Absolutely. I don't tend to use regular sponges.

Q: My split cakes keep turning into an indistinct mush of colors. What am I doing wrong?
A: Maybe check how much water is on your brush. When I'm loading, I only really put the tip (less than 1mm) of water on it. I'm not actually soaking my brush in the water.

Q: What size liner did you use?
A: That was a 0. If I do my butterflies, I'll use a #1 liner.

Q: How many daubers do you have on the job? Do you use a new dauber per child?
A: When I use sponges in general, I tend to use one per child, but when it comes to daubers, I don't. I got this dauber kit from Ali Express, which was about $20, and it also comes with a box. As you can see, I use one color or one split cake per dauber. 

Q: Do you always use colors individually from your one strokes or do you have a palette with individual colors as well?
A: I have a palette with individual colors as well. I have four of these palettes, and then I've got a a few others ones as well. In total, I have about 14 palettes.

Q: How long would this design take you in real time?
A: On the job, this would probably take me 5 minutes or less.

Products Used in the Webinar:

Kraze FX Split Cake Palette in Splash
TAG Yellow Face Paint
Graffiti Madness Stencil
Dauber Kit
Glitter & Ghouls Stencil


Thank you to Elaine Goh and everyone who tuned in to this webinar! Stay tuned for more webinars!