Webinar: One Stroke with ProAiir Dips with Andrea Nicole Moje

In this webinar, learn one stroke with ProAiir Dips with Andrea Nicole Moje!



ProAiir Dips come in a bottle and you can squeeze them out on a non-porous mat or you can put them in a little plastic container. Now, the one thing that you need to know is it is alcohol-based so you need to have at least 91% alcohol or 99%. Before you work on a child or yourself, you wanna just let them know that you're using a product that's not water-based and that the removal for that is going to have to be a soap that has scent in it. You can use liquid soap.

If you are painting a face, you cannot put the Dips on the lips so I highly recommend that you have some of these disposable lip applicators or q-tips and using regular face paint. You should have some sort of a lipstick if you're going to be doing little girls.

Dips pairs very well with powders so if you're doing something around the eye, I would not recommend doing Dips on the eye as it is very thick. You can use the ProAiir Hybrids on the eye, you can use a powder on the eye but do not put Dips over the eye.

If you're gonna start practicing on yourself, the one thing I would recommend is putting a little bit of lotion on if you have really dry skin because the alcohol sometimes will dry it out.

The one thing I love about this though is that there's no waste. Every time that you are done and your paint dries, you just add a little Prolong or you add a little bit of the alcohol and it wakes it right back up. You can reuse it or you can add a Solid.

Here's the part that I'm also gonna tell you. For most people, it's a strong smell. You need to have good ventilation. If an alcohol fume is a little bit much for them, then don't go by the eye.




I'm gonna show you today how to do some one strokes. We're gonna go right in to a red rose and the way that I start is I put some alcohol inside of a container so that I can use this just like I would with my water. I'm gonna show you how to load your brush because if you have never used this product then that's gonna be the first thing you wanna do.

So I'm gonna start with the plain red, this is Dips red. You wanna make sure you burped these first because sometimes if you open it, it will spray out especially if you're in high heat. You need about a dime-sized amount. You can shake them up if they've been sitting for a while because sometimes they separate a little bit.

You don't want the paints to be too close together because they spread. Another thing that I like to do as a trick is I use this little airtight container and I put some of my Prolong in there along with my alcohol so this is gonna dilute it, this is going to kind of help it to remain the same color as I'm working.

I'm going to use a 5/8" brush. So while loading, you want to pick up the red and the green and you wanna work it back and forth. Now with a regular one stroke, this is already done for you. This you have to do yourself. You wanna make sure that your brush is 2/3 full on each side so it's not just loaded on one side.

I'm going to do a 5-petal cabbage rose and I'm going to make sure that I have a little tip on there. So again, this is just like what you're used to using. Now, with the alcohol, if you're in high heat and if it's a little windy, you're gonna have to reload every single time. Right now in California it's not super hot so I'm actually okay and I could probably do another one without even having to reload.

You can see how I'm getting both of those colors in there. You also have to work fairly fast so if I didn't like that one, I could kinda re-go over the top of it just like that. It also has a high shine to it. If there's a shine, that means it's still wet. If you've ever used acrylic paint, this is the exact same techniques that you would use for them.

You can do some quick drop leaves. I feel like the paint goes a long way. I haven't really had to reload that and you can mix colors as you go. We're very limited to the colors that we have with the Dips but if you know how to blend your colors, you can almost make any color that you want.



What are the advantages of ProAiir for you? I mean, what is the advantage to this versus a regular split cake?
Well, it will stay on all day 'til the next day and even the following day if the kids are careful. And you can wear it in the water, you can wear it in the hot tub, you can wear it to the club. Just depends on where you're painting. You know, here in California we do a lot of festivals and it gets to, like, 115 degrees. Well, as soon as that kid gets out of your chair, their head is super sweaty. This would stay on. It doesn't matter. It's sweatproof. The colors are fairly the same. You just don't have as many.


How easy is it to remove?
So the way that you wanna remove it is you wanna add a soap that has a scent in it. That scent is going to help to remove it. If you are adding it really thickly like I did here in the rose, that's gonna stay on longer. The thinner the layer, the easier it is to remove. My recommendation is you take the soap, you lather it on there, you let it sit for a little bit and run the water over it and the first layer comes off. It takes about 3 times.


Can I use ProAiir Hybrid instead of Dips? What is the difference?
The difference is the Hybrids come in so many colors. They are also made for airbrushing so they are thinner. The thinner it is, the more it's going to spread, the more you're gonna have to make layers. If you wanted to do a one stroke with Hybrids, it's not happening. You need to have a thick paint to do a one stroke. But it's great, like I said, for sponge work. So if you put it on your sponge or you dip it down and you wanna do some base work with it, totally fine.

If you take your Hybrid and you mix it with the corresponding Solid, you can keep it closed and it activates and you can use it to get the consistency that you want. When you marry them together it becomes the perfect paint. You can also use the Hybrids to mix with the Dips to make the color of your choice.

Do you think the designs take a little longer to accomplish with ProAiir?
It takes practice just like anything else does.

Can you still use stencils?
Oh yes. I highly recommend using finger daubers. Finger daubers are the best and being able to hold the stencil really close, the stencil transfers fantastic. It hardens on the stencils so all you do after is you can spritz some alcohol and clean them off or you can just soak them.



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