Webinar: Frozen Christmas Designs with Wendy La Belga

In this webinar, learn Frozen Christmas Designs with Wendy La Belga!



Design #1: Marshmallow

So I'm first taking Kryolan White and a #2 Superstar Round brush and I'm just gonna do some lines (sketching out the character and background). We have the back, some circles, the hands, arms, and then I'll connect all my focal points. Now I'm taking a 3/4" flat brush and I will paint in white, leaving a space for the mouth. Paint the background white as well. 

So now I will use Light Blue from Kraze FX with the same brush and painting the background.

Now I will use Deep Blue from Kraze FX but I don't want it too intense so I test it on my arm and put some water because I don't want it too dark and too deep. I will do the shadows of my character because it's really important. So now I want to take my Deep Blue but really intensely and do the mouth.

Now I'm taking Oceanic from Kraze FX and a filbert #2 brush and I'm doing the ice because this character has ice everywhere, and the teeth.

I'm taking Kraze FX Black with a round #0 brush. I love to use the other side of my brush to do some points (circles) for the eyes. I will outline everything.

I love to blend with a chisel #12 brush from Face Paint Shop EU. 

I'm taking White from Kraze FX with a #3 Round brush from Paint Pal and doing some circles on the eyes. Add some highlights. 

Now I will paint with another color to give more contrast to the paint. I will use the complementary color, so orange. I'm taking the neon orange from Kraze FX's Sunset Dream Cake with a Round brush #2, and outlining the character. I'm also splashing orange and white paint with a watery consistency on the character. So I think this is finished. Yeah!



Design #2: Snowgie

I'm taking my flat brush and Kryolan White. I begin in the inner corner of the eye and make some swirls. These need to be really symmetrical.

Then I take a sponge and my pretty Oceanic Kraze FX paint on the eyes, then I blend. Then I make circles under the eyes.

I will put some light blue glitter from MiKimFX on the eyes.

Now I'll do my character with Kryolan White. The head, the body.

With the blue from Oceanic, I'll do shadows. Next I'm gonna outline. Do the eyes, the teeth and the mouth.

Now the pink cheeks with my Round brush #2. Then taking a flat brush with White Kraze FX and doing thin to thick to thin swirls. Try to be symmetrical. I'm also doing some teardrops.

With a Round #3 with Kraze FX White. The best one ever in the world. And I'm gonna make some princess lines. Make sure to do it really near your eyebrow. Not too low, not too high. I'm also doing some dots.

Next I'm taking my Diva stencil and a dauber with Kryolan White to apply it on the circles under the eyes.

I'm using Bubblegum Pink Superstar on the lips and adding some glitter on top.



Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Kryolan White
Superstar Round #2 Brush
Kraze FX Light Blue
Kraze FX Deep Blue
Kraze FX Oceanic
Kraze FX Black
Face Paint Shop Europe Chisel #12 Brush
Kraze FX White
Paint Pal Round #3 Brush
Kraze FX Sunset Dream
MiKim FX Light Blue Glitter
Diva Stencils Snowflake
Superstar Bubblegum Pink
MiKim FX Pink Glitter



If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later on our YouTube channel. Thank you, Wendy, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.