Webinar: Magical Fairy Designs with Ilse Kusters

In this webinar, learn Magical Fairy designs with Ilse Kusters.


Design #1: Autumn Fairy


First, I'm gonna give her some kind of base coat on her eyelids. I've loaded some FAB Gold on my sponge and we can kind of wing it out above the eyebrow. It's just functioning as a base. We want to do a little bit of base on the forehead as well because in this design, we're gonna try to create a little bit of a fall crown, if you will. So we're applying a half circle on the forehead as well with the same gold.

The second color is FAB Bronze which I'm gonna put in the corner of the eyes so you kinda get a little bit of a makeup look as well, blending it in with the gold. We're gonna put this color underneath the gold half-circle as well.

Now we can add a little stencil for some extra interest. I'm gonna go with a little mandala kind of stencil from Topaz Stencils. To apply this stencil, I'm gonna load some Nut Brown Shimmer and we can kind of use the mandala circle shape and put it on the base we put on earlier. This is more of a light brown kind of tone but it's a metallic as well. Add some on the eyelids as well. You can totally skip this if you're in a hurry because it's only adding an ever-so-slightly texture but I kinda like the detailing in it.

I'm gonna pick up my 5/8" flat brush and I'm gonna load it with Fern from Silly Farm. It's from the Nat collection. I'm gonna start with the center piece because that allows me to have an easier build up with all the shapes that are gonna create the crown. I wanna create a big fall leaf in the center and I'm gonna build this by painting several small leaves. 

Now we have an upside down fall leaf which is our main focal point because I wanna have a little bit of a crown feel to this. I'm gonna add some leaves [on the temples] as well which are kind of hanging down. I wanna make this a bit cohesive and put some of the same leaves on the corner of the eyes. If you give your brush a nice wiggle, you get very whimsical, natural leaves.

I want to put some more leaves. I'm gonna take my 1/2" flat brush and load it in Pineapple Yellow by Susy Amaro. Silly Farm carries these. If you have a smaller model, you will have less leaves. Just filling in the space like so. Now we have kind of the tiara feel going on.

I really like mushrooms when it comes to fall designs and I'm gonna include them in this design. So using my 1/2" flat brush, I'm gonna load it in this one stroke from Party Xplosion but I'm only gonna pick up the milky yellow and the yellow. I'm gonna use this color to paint the stems of my mushrooms. I'm gonna put a bit more in that color to put a base for the mushroom's head to rest on like that, and I wanna have two mushrooms on the side of the face as well kind of hugging the eye. Off to paint the fun part of the mushroom.

Still using my 1/2" flat brush, I'm gonna load it in the Pirate Red from Silly Farm one stroke. We're gonna paint the little head of the mushroom kinda mimicking a triangular shape. I'm trying to keep that black on the outside so I won't have to outline everything later on. These shapes don't have to be perfect. It all adds to the whimsicalness of the design, I think.

Off to put some detailing on the design. I'm gonna take my favorite #2 round brush and instead of choosing black to put details on this design, I'm gonna choose a dark brown to keep it all more natural. First, I'm gonna put some detailing in my mushroom stem and my centerpiece leaf. We're gonna do the same thing for the little leaves. Really work on the very tip of your round brush to make this as light as possible.

Using the same brush, I'm putting down some dots to connect the leaves and you can add some line work as well.

Off to put some highlights. Loading some white on my round brush. We're gonna put some white dots or spots in the mushrooms and I like to put them in little clusters. I think they look more magical like this instead of putting white dots all over. You can even put them on those brown dots as well so they look like little pearls. And some starbursts are a necessity when it comes to fairy designs, right?

You can finish it with bling, or you can put some glitter in the center. This is a glitter cream and some rainbow gold Silly Farm glitter which is one of my favorite glitters. You can borrow lots of elements from this design. We call her a fall fairy but she could just well be a princess or part of a Halloween design or a fall design. So this is the first one!


Design #2: Summer Fairy

So first, I'm gonna put a bit of base on his eyelids. I'm choosing gold and as a second base color, I'm gonna go for Tiger Shimmer which is a very pretty metallic or pearl orange. I just flip my sponge to soften it and blend it all together.

The first thing I'm gonna paint is the fluffy bit of my biggest dandelion flower and to do that, I'm gonna use this dauber and the trick is, we want the circle that we're gonna paint to be translucent. So if you wanna achieve that look, you just have to not excessively load the dauber, only like a mist on top. And then you wanna slightly load the edges of the round sponge heavier. You now have a heavier white on the outside and a kind of translucent white in the center of the circle. I'm gonna paint some more of those using a smaller dauber on the upper cheek. 

Now that I have my main focal point over here, I'm gonna paint the stems of the dandelions and I'm gonna use a small filbert brush to do so and I'm gonna load that in Amazon from Global. I'm picking up the medium green and the dark green because this isn't a big filbert so I can only pick up two colors. I'm choosing a filbert brush because I have to paint round shapes and a filbert brush already has that round shape going on so I feel it kinda makes it easier. Add some more wispies to that, and then I kinda have the stool of my little fluffy ball, and let's give him a stem which is connected to the corner of the eye. 

I'm gonna paint a leaf (on the side of the face) and I'm kinda stamping the same thing like I did earlier. It's almost stamping instead of drawing a leaf just because you use the right brush to do so. 

Off to put some color in the design. I'm gonna take my 3/4" flat brush and load it in the same cake we used with the mushroom stems and I'm trying to load only ever so slightly a bit of the red to make an orange color. On the very tip of the flat brush, we're just gonna put down some lines, really stamp them on again in kind of like a circle shape and that gives you that dandelion-like flower. 

Let's put some texture in the fluffy part of our flower. So, loading my round brush in some white. We're gonna add some flicks inside of the round shape. We can kind of compare it with a starburst that you make only you add more flakes and put them in a circle shape.

You don't have to fill it in the entire shape. Just add some texture to it. Since I have my white loaded, I'm also gonna do some highlights wherever I want them and put some white dots and starbursts so I don't have to go back in with the white again.

Some final details with some black. Now we have to put down some seeds in those fluffy things and I just kinda style them to the minimum. I kinda make a very tiny teardrop and give them a little bit of embellishment.

I kinda like to incorporate some black even if it's just a tiny bit into the flowers because I feel it makes it more cohesive and then the black isn't that harsh. So let's do maybe some tiny little teardrops.

And since this is a summer fairy, let's incorporate a fairy. So this, I believe, is a Diva fairy stencil (Fairy Fun). So I'm loading my finger dauber to apply the little fairy and she is flying towards the dandelion. 

Adding some glitter cream. This is a multicolored one but it has some orange in it so I think that works for a summer design. And maybe some fairy dust. So there you go!


Design #3: Winter Fairy

Applying a bit of white shimmer so we have some icy color going on in the background, and maybe some Baby Blue Shimmer as well. 

Next, I'm gonna use a Topaz stencil with all kinds of pine trees on it. You can freehand them but we ain't got time for that so I'm loading some Sapphire Shimmer on my sponge as well as Snow Petrol Shimmer and let's put down some Bob Ross trees above the eyebrow. It's fun if they're not all equally opaque in color because then you have some dimension going on there. So there we have our winter forest.

Next, I'm gonna load my 1/2" flat brush in Blue Bonnet from Silly Farm and I'm gonna put a C-shape stroke around the eye, giving it some wiggle at first, and then tilting it to the tip. You can quickly grab the sponge you did the base color with and kind of pull it a little bit more in so it's a bit more blended.

Then we need some snowflake stencils because it's cold. Loading some white and then let's put some snowflakes on there. 

See, so far no line work whatsoever. Anyone can paint this and you have a very pretty winter wonderland theme eye design going on.

Let's put our fairy. If you were to paint a pretty little girl, you can always go in with some glitter on the snowflakes and etc. when you stencil them. I barely touched my finger dauber in the Petrol which was activated from stenciling and now I have two color dimension in my fairy.

Let's put some white embellishments here and there so let's add some dots and starbursts. You could even highlight one side of the trees with white. This doesn't have to be precise.

So there you go. If you want to make this into a full design, you can mirror this shape on the other side but on the top, and then maybe add some more snowflakes on the downside and then you have a mask feel going on which will be very pretty as well. You can also add lots and loads of glitter and stuff.


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

FAB Glitter Gold
FAB Bronze
Topaz Stencils Flower Mandala #0264
FAB Nut Brown Shimmer
5/8" Flat Brush
Silly Farm Fern Cake
1/2" Flat Brush
Silly Farm Pineapple Yellow Cake
Party Xplosion Oempa Power One Stroke
Silly Farm Pirate Red Cake
#2 Round Brush
Silly Farm Rainbow Gold Glitter
FAB Tiger Shimmer
Filbert Brush
Global Amazon One Stroke
3/4" Flat Brush
Diva Fairy Fun Stencil #441
Superstar Rusty Shimmer
FAB Pearl Baby Blue Shimmer
Topaz Stencils Trees #0383
FAB Sapphire Shimmer
FAB Snow Petrol Shimmer
Silly Farm Blue Bonnet Cake
BAM Snowflakes #1036
Diva Fairy Stencil #8

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