Webinar: How to Face Paint Nice Halloween Designs With Kathy Vergara

Blake Cabot was live with professional face painter and face painting teacher, Kathy Vergara. Kathy has trained hundreds of aspiring face painters, and today she's going to show us some nice Halloween designs!

Most of the designs that we're going to do today will be cheek art, masks, and things of that sort.

Halloween Design #1: Jack-O-Lantern Mask

Jack-O-Lantern Face Paint Design

So the first one I'm going to do is a Jack-O-Lantern mask. I'm going to be using my Kraze FX Split Cake in Jalapeno.

I'm going to load my 1/2" brush with this split cake. We're going to put three on the forehead - you start with the outermost sections, and then you just work your way in with these little C shapes on both sides. So that's one pumpkin right there. We're going to do one on the other side of the face. Now we're going to do a big one in the middle of the forehead, connecting it with the other two smaller pumpkins on the side.

Using a stencil, I'm going to add some texture to my pumpkins, using purple face paint. Obviously you want to make sure your pumpkins are dry before you go ahead and put down the stencil. Next I'm going to load my brush with Kraze FX Lush Split Cake and add some leaves underneath the pumpkins.This will give them a nice little patch to sit on. I want to get the darker side of the green from this palette so that I can add some stems on the top of the pumpkins. Also add a couple of little tiny leaves on the top, near the stem, to give the design more detail.

I'm going to use Kraze FX green face paint to add some swirly vines to the design. Now we're going to do the fun part and add some faces to these pumpkins, and one of them will be angry. Anytime you want to make something angry, just make the eyes slanted. The other pumpkin will be happier. The last pumpkin, we'll make him a little bit surprised. Then, I'll use Kraze FX Black Face Paint to outline the pumpkins, and also give them some short little lines to define their shape. We'll also outline the leaves as well.

Now we're going to go in with the last step, which is highlighting. I always say highlighting is not mandatory, but it always adds a little extra something to your designs. Adding just a few highlights here and there will make your design really pop! Over the white highlights inside the pumpkins, you can always go over it with yellow to give the illusion of them being lit up!

Halloween Design #2: Ghost Face Paint Design

Ghost Face Paint Design

For this design, I decided to combine 2 different designs. I will start by doing the outlines for the ghost, using white face paint. At the bottom of the ghost's tail, we're going to add a little cauldron using black face paint.

I'm going to use a metallic purple to fill in the cauldron. Using the same purple paint, we're going to add some bubbles. Using black face paint again, give the ghost some facial features, such as a surprised face. I also like to give my ghosts tiny little pink cheeks. Outline your ghost with black face paint. You can also outline the purple bubbles.

I will now add some spiderwebs to help fill in the space. To finish the design, add a few highlights using white face paint. You can do a colored background, if you want, to make it look even more dramatic.

Halloween Design #3: Zombie Unicorn Face Paint Design

Zombie Unicorn Face Paint Design

I'm using the green split cake from the Kraze FX split cake palette to start off this design, and I'll make the head and neck of the unicorn. Using a purple split cake and a sponge, I'm going to dab around the zombie unicorn's head. On top of the purple sponging, I'm going to go ahead with a stencil and tamp down using a sponge and green split cake.

I'm going to do the hair a little bit differently than I usually do it. I'm just using another half inch flat brush for this, and I'm loading an orange color split cake. I'm going to use this orange split cake to give the zombie unicorn a spiky mane. Now we're going to do the eye color, and I usually do it in white, but for the zombie look, I'm going to do it in yellow.

While we're waiting for that to dry, I'm going to start doing the outlines of the design. I'm also going to bring the hair around the front. I mixed some pink and brown face paints to make some patches on the unicorn. Now I'm going to continue by outlining everything else. I've added a little bit of purple inside the yellow eye, and we're also going to give him an angry eyebrow.

I'm going to go in on the sides of the design and add in some black teardrops which I will then connect to make spiderwebs. Now we're going to put down some yellow teeth and outline them in black. Lastly, we'll add highlights to the design.

And don't forget the most important part of a unicorn, is of course the horn! For this design, I'll make the horn yellow and add black lines. Lastly, we'll add some red face paint around the teeth to make it look like blood. 

Halloween Design #4: Candy Corn Spider Mask

Candy Corn Face Paint Design

Now I'm going to load up this 1 inch brush with this yellow and orange split cake from the Kraze FX Split Cake Palette. I'm just making a petal shape in the middle of the forehead and then we'll do a background. I'm going to use this yellow and blue split cake with a sponge to make the background for this design. I'm adding a couple of little candy corns to the sides of the design, and you guessed it, some more spider webs!

This mask can pretty much be adapted to almost anything you want. You can do candy corns, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, etc. Using black face paint, I'll outline the candy corns. I'm going to give the candy corns some cute faces, which is great for younger kids, as it's not something scary.

I'm going to add some spiderwebs right underneath the eyes. I'm going to add a little spider underneath the candy corn in the middle of the forehead. I've also added some spiderwebs above the eyes, on the background. Finally, I'll add highlights to the entire design.

 Halloween Design #5: Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington Face Paint Design

So I'm going to start doing my little Jack Skellington design, and it's pretty similar to the pumpkin mask, except Jack Skellington will be the featured design. So on each side of the face, above the eyebrows, we'll have two pumpkins, and in the middle of the forehead, a white circle.

We're going to give our pumpkins some eyes and teeth, and also paint on Jack Skellington's facial features. Now I'm just going to outline and get some definition on these leaves. I'm going to use a stencil to add some texture to the design. Now I'm going to highlight the pumpkins with yellow. Highlighting them with yellow instead of white, really makes them glow. Lastly, I'm going to add some spiderwebs on each side underneath the eye.

Products Used in This Webinar:

Kraze FX Split Cake Palette
Kraze FX Fundamentals Palette
Kraze FX Split Cake in Jalapeno
Kraze FX Lush Split Cake
Kraze FX Black Face Paint
Kraze FX White Face Paint


Thanks to all who tuned in to this webinar, and keep an eye out for even more webinars coming up