How to Load Your Brush Using Kraze FX Domed Split Cakes by Marina

In this easy to follow tutorial, we'll learn about how to correctly load your brush using the new Kraze FX domed split cakes. 

Let's talk about getting that perfect,vibrant color looking great on the skin .I've struggled for a long time with my one strokes, so in this blog I will try to explain how to load your brush.

In this first photo you see what I usually ended up with all my one strokes before: a blurry mix that doesn't look nice on the skin.This happens when we put to much water, either on the brush or spraying directly onto the one stroke. The first thing I've stopped doing is spraying water directly onto my one strokes! The minute you spray them, the paints mix and everything gets blurry.So I don't do that any more.


When I wet my brush in water, I first press my brush against my water container and then the next step is pressing lightly onto a towel, paper cloth or against a sponge.You can see how much water my brush was holding even though we drained it.


So let me take you step by step trough my loading process. This cake is Kraze FX Domed One Stroke-Girly Girl Rainbow. Wet your angled 3/4 brush and then;

1. Drain your brush - (on the water container sides and then onto a cloth or sponge).

2. With domed one strokes, it's best to go half way with one side of the brush pressing it well, and going over the pan a few times.

3. Then, with the clean side of the brush go over the other side of the cake, also half way trough few times.

4. This is what you should get on your brush: clean, crisp, bright colors.And if you look, the domed cake is also clean.

When we load our brush correctly, this is how our rainbow will look like on the skin.Vibrant colors with nice a blend between them, and no leaking.

The last step is to add some clouds, and my favorite cloud stencil to use is Ultimate GraffitiEyes .I loaded my finger dauber with Kraze FX White and then swiped over with  Kraze FX- Maya Blue just a bit, to giver some shade and dimension to my clouds.You can leave it like this or add some teardrops,dots,stars...

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will try this design and love it as much as I do. If you paint any of our blog designs please tag us so we can see it.

Supplies Used:

Kraze FX White 
Kraze FX Domed One Stroke-Girly Girl Rainbow
Kraze FX Maya Blue

Angled 3/4 Brush 
Ultimate GraffitiEyes
Finger Dauber


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