Webinar: Florida Winter Designs with Marcela Bustamante

In this webinar, learn Florida Winter designs with Marcela Bustamante!



Design #1

So the first brush that I'm gonna use is a Blazin Brush 1/2" Long Angle and I'm gonna use this Kraze Splash palette (Lush) and I'm gonna put the dark part on the longest part of the brush. Make two curved lines for the trunk, then we wanna make 5 or 6 lines as the middle part of the leaves. I'm gonna reload the brush and I'm gonna start adding the leaves with tapping strokes. Make sure you do it in a downward direction.

Now I'm gonna use a Blazin Brush 5/8" Angle brush and I'm gonna load it with white and black (Shark). I'm gonna make sure to put the white part on the longer part of the bristles because this is gonna be the snow on the palm. The snow will probably be more on the top of the tree.

I'm gonna load it with the same palette with this white, light brown or skin color, and brown split cake (Puppy). I'm gonna use the same tapping technique and apply that on the trunk.

I'm gonna use a Blazin Brush Liner #3 with a dark green. I'm going to make some uneven lines within the leaves of the palm. Try not to go on top of the white so we can create more contrast.

Now I want to add a little bit more of the fantasy, more colors because it's so boring when it's just like this so I'm gonna load a Blazin Brush Round brush#4 with yellow. I'm gonna make spots just to highlight it a little bit more. They don't need to be perfect dots, just add some color. Go on top of the green if you still have the green.

With the same brush, I'm gonna load it with a neon green. Just add it on top of the yellow or next to the yellow. Then I'm gonna load it up with black and we're gonna make the base of the tree. You can add some black in the parts that you didn't put any highlights, if you want. Then you can add some glitter if you want or some gold, maybe.


Design #2

I'm gonna take a petal sponge and I'm gonna load up one of the combinations in theFusion Vivid Rainbow Palette. Tap with all the colors, pressing down starting in the center. Then I'm gonna put some on the eyelid.

Taking another petal sponge, load it up with a blue and white combination that you have. I'm using one from the Fusion Happy Pixie Palette. Again, the lighter part on the tip of the sponge. I'm gonna apply it on the edges of the eyes.

So I'm gonna use this Bad Ass Stencil and placing it just on top of the "sunset" color, applying with white.

Then we're gonna do my thing--lines. Let's use the Blazin Brush Ultra Point #4 with Fusion White. Add some around the eyes. Then I'm gonna change to a Blazin Brush Liner #3 because I need to do the center lines between the eyes. Imagine a triangle in the middle. They're not going to the focal point, they're going to be all parallels and in different sizes.

Then we can add some stars, some dots, some thinner lines. You can outline it or you can leave it like that. I'm gonna finish by using my favorite glitter, VIVID Glitter.


Design #3

I'm gonna use Paint Pal Big Drop and I'm gonna load it up with TAG Neon CoralI love that color to make lines with. I'm gonna make the base shape of the flamingo.I'm gonna make an oval shape for the head.

I would suggest you get a thinner brush to make the beak, and I'm gonna use a baby pink. The beak should be thin and has a curve in the tip.

While I have this color, I'm gonna make 2 circles on the other side, then put a little bit of light orange. Just have fun while keeping the flow. 

I'm gonna use a Blazin Brush Round #2 and load it up with white. I'm gonna do the eye.

Let's do the leaves over on the other side. I'm gonna paint Orange Blossoms which is a flower from Florida. So we're gonna use this green from the Fusion Tropical & Butterfly Palette.

Then we're going with a white to add some swirls, emphasize the flow. I'm also gonna add some teardrops, of course.I'm gonna try to make the flowers. I'm gonna do thick to thin and just emulate some flowers. The orange blossoms have these white petals, and then make some dots.

So now that the beak is dry, I'm gonna go with a plum color. I'm gonna do the dot in the eye, the beak which is gonna be like a long heart shape, do some of the lines to emphasize the flow. You can also make the center of the petal.

And of course, glitter. We can do orange. Orange on top of these salmon colors look so pretty.



Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Blazin Brush 1/2" Long Angle Brush
Blazin Brush 5/8" Long Angle Brush
Kraze FX Splash 12 Split Cake Palette
Blazin Brush Script Liner #3 Brush
Blazin Brush Round #4 Brush
Fusion Leanne's Vivid Rainbow Petal Palette
Fusion Leanne's Happy Pixie Petal Palette
Blazin Brush Ultra Point #4 Brush
Fusion Prime White
VIVID Glitter
VIVID Glitter Neon Stack
Silly Farm Paint Pal Big Drop Filbert Brush
TAG Neon Coral
Face Paints Australia Essential Pink Baby
Blazin Brush Round #2 Brush
Fusion Tropical & Butterfly Palette
Kryolan Bright Pink
Bad Ass Frozen Stencil Set
FAB Plum



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