Webinar: Arm Designs with Pam Kinneberg

In this webinar, learn face painting arm designs with Pam Kinneberg!



Design 1

So this design is structured so that you can easily paint a very quick kitty design on the arm and for this, I'm using the Léa Selley Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Pets Pack (Cat) stencil. I'm gonna load a MiKim sponge with Kraze FX Metallic Rose and I'm going to sponge that kitty face in. I'm also going to spray a little glitter on that at this point, when it's wet. I'm gonna paint the body with more of that paint but using an Art Factory Filbert brush. You can also spray that with some glitter so the whole kitty is glittery. The tail is sort of wrapped around the bottom of the kitty.

Then I'm going to use an Art Factory 1" Flat brush with Kraze FX Sweetheart. I'm gonna make a couple swashes with this color and I'm gonna go with the dark color on the outside and I'm actually gonna start on the side of the face. I'm also gonna paint where the collar is, and a little bow.

Now, I'm gonna grab a yellow sponge and I'm going to use this for the stencil of the face. I'm just going to load some Kraze FX Black. I'm going to take the same stencil and you'll see there's a kitty face on there, and position it right in the middle of the kitty face.

I'm going to load some gold paint then add some Mama Clown Gold Glitter on top. We're gonna add a little crown which is also included in the stencil.

And then we're going to use Superstar Berry Wine with Paint Pal #3 Luxe Swirl to outline the pink kitty starting with the top part. I'll paint around the crown a little bit so it adds a little more detail to it, build some ears, get that bow, and you could put little paws in there if you want but you don't have to.

Once that is done, we're gonna go with Kraze FX White and we'll put some swirls and other highlights in there. I'm gonna start with the top swirls, then the bottom swirls. Then you can fill in the eyes and make them stand out by adding white, add a little dot where the highlights are; on the nose and on the tongue to really bring this kitty to life. Also add some dots and some starbursts.

And then the last thing I'm gonna do on here is I'm putting some Liquid Bling in Gold on some parts of this to add in some extra bling. I'm just adding little dots to the collar and right around the inside of these swirls. And that's it! That is my kitty!


Design #2

We're gonna do a quick Batman arm and for this one, I'm going to be using Kraze FX Jalapeno with a 3/4" Art Factory Flat brush. I'm gonna do two swashes with that. This Batman is a little bit asymmetrical and is meant to work on a thinner arm.

Then I'm going to paint in a Batman and it's sort of a tribal styled Batman. This is Kraze FX Black and I'm using the #3 Luxe Swirl brush again. It's nice to get really sharp points if you can. When it's painted like this, you can fill more of a length of the arm, when it's sort of turned at an angle. We have that dark on the outside where I'm gonna put a tribal line. 

Add little added tribal lines and follow the curve of your Batman wings. I always connect them up with those 2 little upside down u's, I guess. This doesn't have very many colors in it. You can do it without using too many supplies. 

You can also add just a little bit of texture in there. I'm going to use this BAM 1218 Stencil and some FAB Silver. So that's my Batman arm!


Design 3

Taking a sponge, I'm loading it with Kraze FX Light Blue on one side and Kraze FX Purple on the other side. This is the Puppy stencil from that same pack as the cat stencil so I'm gonna be using the puppy face and I'm gonna put him at a little angle. I'm gonna first start with the blue and then I'm gonna take the purple side. This creates some dimension in your puppy just to tap around the sides.

Then I have Kraze FX Happy from the Kraze FX Splash Glam Palette and we're good to use this for our little swashes that go above and below with my Flat 1" brush.

Let's stencil the puppy face on there again. I'm using that same black. Then I'm gonna come in with my white and I'm gonna put my swirls in. I have a plan for these swirls 'cause I'm gonna put something in the middle of them. It just meets up together in the center.

While I'm using the white paint, I'm going to put the highlights on the puppy and I'm also going to outline this puppy with white and that just helps make this whole puppy stand out and actually makes it bigger too. I usually vary the widths of the line that goes around. Put in the eyes, something on the nose, do some starbursts.

I'm gonna take my sponge with black and my stencil again. There are paws in the stencil so I'm gonna use those in the middle of my swirls. When you have your swirls, you wanna make 'em big enough where you can get a paw inside of it. It's nice to have different sized paws.

I'm gonna add some black dots going from big to small and some glitter and then we're done with this design. You can leave the puppy with just white around it but you can also add black around it too and that just makes it even more noticeable and interesting. Finally, I'm gonna add some VIVID Glitter Gleam in Wild Bloom. Glitter is always good. So there's that!


Design 4

I'm using my 1" Flat brush and Fusion Leanne's Sunshine. I'm gonna start with a circular stroke. I'm just twirling my brush around with the orange in the middle like so. Then I'm going to encircle that with some brush strokes that come down to a point. This is very symmetrical.

Then I'm using this Diva Stencil Oriental Flower (#6) and I'm gonna use that right in the middle using Kraze White. And then I'm also using Art Factory Sunburst Stencil. I'm gonna place it around my center with Cameleon Banana Yellow. Using the same color and same stencil, I'm gonna put a few rays on the top and bottom.

And now, we just start adding some curlicues and teardrops with white. I'm also gonna do some dots coming out from the center of the sun, off the points of each one of the flower petals.

Once we have that done, I'm also gonna go back in with the Fusion color and do those final two end strokes that sort of finish off the ends nicely. 

Then I'm using the Paradise Mango Essential Glitter Balm. Just put it wherever you want it so the arm will sparkle. Just like that and you have a sunburst arm!



Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Léa Selley's Ultimate GraffitiEyes PETS! Stencil Kit
MiKim Sponge
Kraze FX Metallic Rose
Art Factory Filbert Brush
Art Factory 1" Flat Brush
Kraze FX Sweetheart
Kraze FX Black
Mama Clown Glitter - Gold Rainbow
Superstar Berry Wine
Silly Farm Paint Pal #3 Luxe Swirl Brush
Kraze FX White
Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling - Brilliant Gold
Kraze FX Jalapeno
Art Factory 3/4" Flat Brush
FAB Silver
BAM 1218 - Tiny Hexagons
Kraze FX Light Blue
Kraze FX Purple
Kraze FX Happy
Kraze FX Splash Glam Palette
VIVID Glitter Gleam - Wild Bloom
Fusion Leanne's Sunshine
Art Factory Glitter Applicator
Diva Stencil - Oriental Flower #6
Art Factory Boomerang Stencil - Sunburst
Cameleon Banana Yellow
Paradise Mango Essential Glitter Balm



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