Webinar: Amazing Unicorns with Simona Rad

In this webinar, Simona Rad teaches us how to do a few of her amazing unicorn designs!

Design #1: Rainbow Unicorn


I’m gonna start by applying some base color on the eyelids. As you probably know, I tend to do my unicorns in the middle. I’m using a pink petal sponge. I’m loading it a bit with white first, this is Clown White. Then I’m using this rainbow cake but I’m not using the full thing, just the part with the blues. Before that dries, I’m gonna apply some glitter.

I’m gonna use a small filbert brush from Mask World and I’m gonna load it with white. I’m starting with the head and I’m doing the ears, then the body, and of course the horn. And I’m trying to blend it a bit. So now I have the unicorn’s head and a bit of the neck and the background. I’m doing the mane next and I’m gonna do the rainbow one. I’m using flat brushes, but these are smaller. I think one is a 16 but it’s half an inch, I think? And this other one is even smaller. I’m using the smaller one first and I’m loading it with yellow, orange and red.

[I’m doing the front part of the mane first.] And what I’m doing next is the rest of the mane and then trying to go a bit further from the body. And then I’m rotating the brush so that I have the red on the downside and I’m going up with it and I’m trying to surround that blue. And you can add some more glitter to it.

Now I have this other split, this one is homemade. I’m using the yellow, blue and purple this time. What I’m gonna do next is I’m gonna connect the two yellows. The second one has a colder tone to it, it’s more towards green than the other one. I’m completing this part of the rainbow [mane]. And then I’m flipping the brush and I’m trying to work around this.

I’m gonna take a #3 Round Brush from the Face Painting Shop. I’m now using some green for the eye.

I’m gonna take a black using the same #3 brush and I’m now having everything outlined. Then I’m taking a white to do the highlights.

If you are in a rush, you can just leave it like that. You can do [additional] teardrops like that. More spirals.

I’m taking a smaller brush and I’m loading it with white. I’m trying to have more of a contrast around the mane.

And now I’m gonna load it with some magenta and I’m gonna outline everything again. In this way, I’m bringing all the elements together. Done!

Design #2: Pretty Butterfly Unicorn

I’m gonna present a technique first and then I’m gonna apply it to our unicorn. I’m using a Loew-Cornell #4 Round Brush and I’m gonna load it with white. The loading process is exactly the same as the double dip or triple dip. Then I’m gonna load it with pink and then back again to some of this really dark red. Now that I have my brush loaded, instead of just doing the petal, I’m pushing down and then bringing up and I’m creating sort of a one stroke but without using a one stroke. What’s important in this one is using a round brush or one that has a tip so it’s so much easier to control it. You can do something really fast but at the same time using  loads of colors and you don’t even have to go back with an outline if you use a bit of black and then you can have some highlights as well.

For this unicorn, I’m using a purple color. I’m doing the ears first and then I’m coming with the head and up a bit for the nostril and down and then down again. I’m gonna try the same technique but I’m using another brush. I’m loading it with white. It needs to be creamy. Then I’m washing the brush ‘cause I want to start with a darker color first. I’m loading it with blue. Then maybe even a darker blue next. So I have dark blue here and then I go back a bit into the light blue and then I’m going into my white, just the tip of it. [I’m gonna do the mane with this].

Because my unicorn’s head is pinkish, I’m using white to create the eye. Let’s do an elongated one. And because I’m already using the brush [with white] here I’m gonna do some highlights as well. This one is Diamond FX White and the first blue that I used is Minty Superstar. The other two blues are Snow Petrol Shimmer Superstar and the other one is Ink Blue Superstar. [I also used] a homemade split but it has Diamond FX  Lavender and Magic Magenta from Fusion, and this purple is Global. I don’t really feel the need to add more highlights to the mane. A bit on the horn.

I’m picking another brush to do the eye and I’m gonna make it blue. I’m loading my #3 brush with black right now and I’m doing the eye but I’m not gonna do the other outline because I want to do something in the background first. So I’m doing one big dot in the middle and then I’m trying to outline but not fully outline. Instead of going all the way around, I’m just choosing a few places to do it.

I have this new stencil from Ooh! in number W20. I haven’t used it yet so I’m gonna use it now. But first I would like to probably put on some color so [it’s not] plain. When I’m doing the background color, I try to make it lighter ‘cause it’s always easier to make the stencil stand out. And because my board is really small, I’m gonna use a finger dauber to do the background but in real life you can use a [normal] sponge. I’m loading the finger dauber with magenta. It’s purplish. It’s a version of magenta mixed with purple. And I’m placing this stencil [on the left and right sides of the unicorn].

I’m taking again my brush loaded with black. I’m outlining now. I’m barely touching the board with the tip of the brush, that’s how I’m getting those fine lines. [Do] the nostril a bit here, do the mouth, down here. I’m not outlining everything, I’m [just] skipping segments of it because it’s nicer.

And to finish it, I’m loading my brush with white. I’m gonna add the sparkle in the eye, and I’m probably gonna outline that with white as well. So one line, and a few dots. [While you’re at it], you can add a few dots here and there.

With the double outline, you don’t have to go exactly near the black line. It’s better to have that small space in between than to go over it ‘cause you can mess it up. Done!

Design #3: St. Patrick's Day Unicorn

I’m gonna do the St. Patrick’s Day one and this time, I’m gonna do the body with a one stroke brush. I’m using the smallest flat square brush that you can find. This is not one from a face painting shop, it’s just a normal painting brush. I’m using these colors from Kraze that I recently received. Usually this brush picks up two colors, no more than that. I’m gonna use the yellow and the green.

When doing a boy [unicorn], let’s make the shape [less rounded]. We are not going crazy with the mane and we’re not doing it really, really flowy. I’m gonna pick some darker greens. This mane is just going up like that and I’m leaving some spaces in between, and the same for the other side.

I’m doing the eye really quick. Let’s do a brown eye. Gonna leave that to dry a bit. In the meantime, I am going to do some shamrock leaves. I’m gonna use the same technique that I showed you for the mane. I’m loading it with a bit of yellow and light green and then darker green like that. And I’m just doing hearts [first] or you can use a stencil if you have one.

Loading it again with black and I’m quickly doing the outline for it. [Outline] the ears, the mane, and you can see now how those gaps [in the mane come into] play. Outline the eyes and you can add some more lines to [the mane]. And let’s outline [the shamrocks] and this horn.

You can outline it with white or you can use something like [the Mehron Gold Glitter Mark]. Add some dots with it. Done!


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Clown White
Mask World Small Filbert Brush
Face Painting Shop #3 Round Brush
Loew-Cornell #4 Round Brush
Diamond FX White
Superstar Minty
Superstar Snow Petrol Shimmer
Superstar Ink Blue
Diamond FX Lavender
Fusion Magic Magenta
Global Purple
Ooh! Stencil W20
Kraze FX Split Cake Lush
Mehron Gold Glitter Mark

If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later at our YouTube channel. Thank you, Simona, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.