Video: Shading Techniques by Athena Zhe


Athena Zhe shows how to add depth to your face paint designs using shadows!

So when I painted the ball, first I do a gray base coat, and then I add the highlights, and the shadows. Then I keep adding a little bit more of shadows and a little bit more of the highlights, and then blending it all together to make it nice and smooth and realistic. At the end, I always put a little shadow on the bottom. This is very important for the shadow to look almost see-through. For example, if you're painting on skin, it has to have a nude background. If you were painting on a red surface, it would have to be with red colors as a shading.

Products Used:

Graftobian Pro Paint in
- Graveyard Grey
- Raven Black 
- White Swan 
- Deep Xanthe (Brown)


- Big Drop Brush
- Round #4 Brush
- Round #2 Brush
- Round #1 Brush


Shading Techniques by Athena Zhe

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