Dark Unicorn With Bling Horn by Caroline Healy

Dark Unicorn with Bling Horn by Caroline Healy

Although this is a fuller face design, I still felt glam and sexy. Definitely something I'd wear to a party as an alternative to the usual Halloween costume.

Follow these easy steps to create your own Dark Unicorn!

I had previously made my unicorn bling after buying some Horns from @aven2ra, this lady is my go to for anything unusual! Her reptile skin is definitely top on my list and she also makes the gig genie which is another favourite.

For this blog, I also want to try out the black and white paint by Fusion. I really liked them for line work .

I was also lucky to be sent a sample from  of their new Jalapeño cake so I was really excited to try that, using with a sponge and also like a onestoke, both worked well and  I loved the colour combination and coverage too. 


Apply a base coat of Fusion White Facepaint using a Teardrop Sponge.
Dark Unicorn with Bling Horn Step 1

Load a clean teardrop sponge with the Jalapeño Split Cake and press onto eyelids.
Dark Unicorn with Bling Horn Step 2

Outline using a Number 2 Round Brush and Fusion black facepaint, also mark out where the mane will go and paint eyeliner above and below the eyelids.
Dark Unicorn with Bling Horn Step 3

Use the Jalapeño cake again with a 3/4 angled flat brush to paint the mane between the unicorns ears.

Next flip over the sponge used for the eyes and load with Fusion black facepaint and fill in the areas of bare skin around face and neck.
Dark Unicorn with Bling Horn Step 4

Add the unicorn horn bling cluster to the centre of the forehead, fix using Pros Aide Adhesive.

Stencil Stars to cheeks by loading a Finger Dauber with Deep Magenta and use Graffitieyes 3 Stencil. To activate paint spray one or two squirts of water to the paint. It needs to be as dry as possible for stenciling.

Paint bottom lip using the red from the Jalapeño Split Cake and Round Number 6 Brush, then add some Red Glitter to the centre of the lip.

Use Fusion White with a round number 6 brush to correct any untidy edges etc and paint Deep magenta to the center of unicorn ears with a Round Number 3 Brush.

You can also smudge the black paint using your fingers to create shadows inside the painted ears.

To make my unicorn more glam, I added Black Mascara and then magnetic lashes to complete the look.
Dark Unicorn with Bling Horn

Product List

Fusion Bodyart Paraffin White
Fusion Bodyart Strong Black
Kraze Jalepeño Split Cake cm25-JAL
Global Body Art Deep Magenta

2 X Teardrop Sponges
Loew-Cornell round number 2, 3 and 6
Pros Aide Adhesive
Unicorn Horns @aven2ra
Finger Dauber
Ultimate Graffiti Eyes 3 Star Stencil
Water Spray Bottle
3/4" Short Angled Flat Brush (for Pink Tips)
Red Cosmetic Glitter
Black Mascara
Magnetic eyelashes

Stay tuned for more blogs!

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