Video: Doll Face Paint Video Tutorial by Athena Zhe

Face painting dolls has always been a staple in festivals, parties, and especially Halloween events. Most doll designs involve cute and pretty looks but there are some that take the more "sinister" road. Like the porcelain dolls we usually see in scary movies. 

This is the style Athena Zhe will take on in this Doll face paint video tutorial. Enjoy!

Products used in the video: 

Here are the tools used in the video : 

  • Wide Chisel Brush
  • #1 round brush
  • #2 round brush
  • #6 round brush
  • blush brush
  • sponges

Step 1 . Create the base for the design. Cover the whole face with White Swan, using a sponge.

Step 2Apply some blush. Using your blush brush and Candy Apple blush from the Graftobian Blush Palette, add some blush on the cheeks.
Step 3. Apply another blush. Add another layer of blush to the cheeks to blend in the rosy cheeks.
Step 4. Paint the eyelids. Paint the eyelids with some Shocking Pink.
Step 5. Outline the eye creases. With Wild Violet using a #6 round brush, paint the eye creases.
Step 6. Blend the purple. Using your wide chisel brush, blend the purple paint on the eyes.
Step 7.  Create an eyeliner. Using the same brush, paint a line of the same color underneath the eyes. Blend with a chisel brush after.
Step 8. Create white eyeliner. Create a white eyeliner on the lower eyelid using White Swan and #2 round brush.
Step 9. Outline the eyes. Create an outline around the eyes using Raven Black and #1 round brush. This is where the eyelashes will be drawn from.
Step 10. Blend the black outline. Using purple paint and chisel brush, blend the black outline.
Step 11. Draw the eyelashes.  Draw the eyelashes using Raven Black and #1 round brush.
Step 12. Draw eyebrows. Draw the eyebrows using Raven Black and #6 round brush.

Step 13Paint the lips. Paint the lips with Sunset Orange using a #6 round brush.

Step 14. Add depth to the lips. Add some depth to the lips using painting Imperial Red and a #6 round brush.

Step 15. Create the hinges. Draw a line from each side of the lips down to the chin to create the iconic doll mouth hinges using a #2 round brush and Fuzzy Bear Brown.

Step 16. Trace the hinges. Trace the hinges with Raven Black using #1 round brush to add some depth to the hinges.


Step 17. Paint freckles.  Paint some freckles with Fuzzy Bear Brown and #1 round brush.

Step 18. Highlight the lips.Give the lips some glare by painting White Swan using a #2 round brush.

The finished design!