Lace and Flowers Eye Design Tutorial by Beth MacKinney

This lovely lace and flowers eye design is inspired by two of my favorite floral artists—Rosa Cline and Denise Cold. It's soft, lacy background is a perfect canvas for delicate, pink roses and should be popular with girls as well as moms who don't necessarily want a full mask for summer events.


Light blue face paint (Paradise)
Pearl light blue face paint (TAG)
Pearl white face paint (TAG)
White face paint (Paradise)
Lace stencil (Bad Ass)
One stroke split cake pink (Diamond FX Strawberry Delight)
One stroke split cake green (Global Borneo)
Lavender face paint (Global Standard Lilac
Purple face paint (Global Standard Purple)
Magenta face paint (Global Magenta)
Dark green face paint (Global)
5/8-inch angle brush
#2 round brush
Cosmetic-grade glitter (White iridescent, pink iridescent, and green iridescent)


Load a sponge with a combination of light blue and pearl blue face paint and sponge over the eye area. As you get further toward the hairline, add some lavender face paint as well as pearl white. 

Load your sponge with white and pearl white, hold a lace stencil in place, and gently sponge over the eye area, temple, and cheekbone up to the hair line. Move your stencil as often as is necessary to cover the area and give a softly random appearance to the pattern. 

Load the angle brush from the split cake with white, pinks, and red with the white on the longest bristles. I used Diamond FX's Strawberry Delight, but there are several other beautiful splits you could use for this. Add the central rose first, and then add a smaller rose buds above and below it. Place pink iridescent glitter at the center of the roses and white on the outer edges. 

Rinse and load the same angle brush, this time from the green split cake of your choice. (I used Global Borneo.) I learned to make this type of leaf during the 2016 St. Louis FPBA convention in one of Denise Cold's classes. Mine aren't as perfect as Denise's, but I love this wonderfully quick leaf. Create a slender line with the brush, press to one side, and then lift and draw another slender line. Use iridescent lime glitter on the leaves. 

With your #2 round brush and purple, make some lines and swirls from the top and bottom of the design. 

Repeat this step with magenta, light blue, and dark green. 

Finally, add white swirls and finish up with tiny dots and starbursts. The lace-look provides its own visual impact, so it's not completely necessary to add dots and starbursts with this design, but if I have time, I put them in. Add more iridescent white glitter over the design. 

Happy painting!

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in Elgin, Illinois, and her artwork has appeared in The Colored Palette and SkinMarkz magazines. She services the western and northwestern Chicago suburbs, Chicago’s north side, and the eastern and southeastern suburbs of Rockford. Stop by to enjoy more of Beth’s face painting tutorials.