UV Angel Wings Body Paint Design by Francesca Marchitelli

Not sure if angels have wings, but angel wings body paintings are extremely trendy. For the past decades, angel wings tattoos and body paintings never went out of fashion.

The designs of angel wings can be pretty simple and basic, but you can also personalize them in countless ways. Also, wings are a symbol of freedom, flight and air.
Here's how to body paint UV angel wings on your back!

UV Angel Wings Design

Step 1

With a thin brush, trace the shape of your wings all over your back with a neon pink color  from the shoulders to the lower part of the back. Don't forget to paint feathers and other details too.

Step 2

Color the tip of the feathers and the two bows at the top (as in the photo) with neon yellow. Use a medium thickness brush.

Step 3

With the same brush, color the feathers with neon orange from the half to the top, blending it with yellow.If you don't have neon orange, mix neon pink and neon yellow to get it.

Step 4

Complete your look coloring the top of the feathers with the same neon pink used for the sketch. Make sure you have filled in all the feathers and details.

Your body painting is ready! Have fun showing it under UV light creating magical effects!

Products Used:

Cameleon Neon Pink Face Paint 
Kyrvaline Fluorescent Orange 
Cameleon Neon 



Francesca Marchitelli is a professional face painter from Italy. A self-taught artist, Francesca loves the arts, and everything to do with face painting!

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