Pink Angel Face Paint Design by Marta Ortega

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to show you how to face paint an angel mask design with pink and gold colors and chunky glitter, to give it a festive touch!

In this design I wanted to create more unique wings, more similar to a butterfly wings than bird, to get away from the classic angel design. 

Let's see the step by step!



Use a petal sponge to paint the background of the wings with Rose Gold in the inner corners and Magenta Shimmer around the eyes.  


Use a #4 round brush and DFX White to paint the teardrops that shape the wings.


To embellish the design, use the same brush and paint to fill in some gaps adding some white dots. 

Then use the same brush and Gold to paint the halo. Use Brown and a liner brush to create the shadows of the halo. 


Add some sparkles with the liner brush and white paint. Then, paint the lips with the same pink colors of the background, and eyelin the eyes with a #1 round brush and Plum

Now, use the silicone applicator to add the chunky glitter gel (Festival Glitter - Vegas).

Done! Don't forget to tag me on social media if you recreate it! 


Rose Gold
Magenta Shimmer
DFX White
Petal Sponge
#4 Round Brush
#1 Round Brush
Liner Brush
Silicone Applicator
Festival Glitter - Vegas

 Angel Face Paint Design


Marta Ortega is a makeup artist, face painting instructor, theatre makeup instructor and a profesional face painter located in Seville (Spain). She is the owner of Purpurina (@maquillajespurpurina) as a face painter, and she is also known as Marta O Makeup (@martaomakeup) as a makeup artist. She has won several face painting contests since she started to learn face paint in 2016, and you can almost always find her creating and designing at her studio, and learning new artistic techniques of all kind (photography, draw, fx makeup, and whatever she likes).