Tribal Lily Eye Design by Kellie Burrus

    Step 1: Use a round brush loaded with a wine color and create the the lilies above and around the eye. Use a dry brush or with very little water to add black to the centers and blend out.

    Step 2: Use a dry round brush, or very little water and load up some white. Blend the white into the centers of each petal. Poof on some loose glitter.

    Step 3: Load a small round with black and create tribal style curls to each end of the design.

    Step 4: Use a small round brush loaded with black to add more tribal lines coming from the first 2 tribal curls.

    Step 5: Use a small or medium round brush loaded with black and outline the entire design. Fill in any areas between the flowers with black.

    Step 6: Use a small round brush and load it with gold mehron powder mixed with gold paint and water. Trace each petal with the gold and add the stamen coming from the centers of each flower. Add some lipstick and your design is complete.

    Materials Used:

    FAB Plum

    Mehron Paradise Black

    Mehron Paradise White

    Mehron Paradise Gold

    Global Colours Black

    Mehron Gold Glitter Powder

    Mama Clown Fairy Dust

    Loew-Cornell Round Brushes #1, #2, #5