Hibiscus Eye Design by Linnéa

Hibiscus Eye Design

This tropical hibiscus flower is a popular eye design I often do and it is done quite quickly. The technique is one stroke so it gives you some really nice petals and leafs in to time. The colours have neon paints in it so the flower really pop under blacklight. I am for sure dreaming away of tropical islands, warm turquoise water,  piña colada and sand between my toes. 

Step 1: Eyelids and the first petals.

Start with a nice shimmering yellow for the eyelids. Use the tip of the petal shaped sponge to apply the yellow. Then it is time for the flower! Load your 3/4" angle brush really well with the Neon Nirvana from Leannes Tropical Palette from Global, the darkest colour on the outside. Make two petals starting from the outer corner of the eye. Think that the shape of the petal are in three bigger parts and make some nice "wiggly movement". 

Step 2: The last petal.

Make the final petal between the two other petals. Make the petals tip point a little bit down. Poof some nice glitter on top if you want.

Step 3:  Central part of the flower.

Now it is time for the central part of the flower. Use a really well loaded #3 round brush with yellow paint and make the characteristic part of a hibiscus. Make some dots at the tip as well. Use the darkest purple part of the one stroke and a #1 round brush to make some thin lines at the petals from the center of the flower. Outline the petals in purple if you have time for it and if you think it needs. 

Step 4: Leafs.

Use the green/yellow part of the Purple Pixie on the Tropical Palette and a 1/2" angle brush to make the leafs. Put the darkest colour (the green) on the outside. Make some leafs between the petals and use the same brush to make the lines. Fill in the details on the leafs with the green colour and a #1 round brush if you want or have time for it, this is not necessary.

Step 5: Black and white.

Outline the flower and the leafs with a waxy black and a #2 round brush. Make some more details in the leafs and some lines from the center of the flower and out on the petals. Use a waxy white and a #1 round brush to do the highlights, dots and stars. I used a liner brush and some white and dark green to do some more lines out from the hibiscus flower. Put on some nice purple colour on the lips and glitter on top. 

I really hope you liked my hibiscus eye design! Happy painting!

Products Used:

Leannes Tropical Palette from Global
FAB/Superstar "Shimmering Yellow"
Diamond FX "White"
Diamond FX "Black"
Global "Dark Green"
Global "Neon Yellow"
Iridescent Glitter
Mama Clown Large cut glitter for the lips 

Tools used:

Petal shaped sponge from Wicked
3/4" Angle brush
1/2" Angle brush
#1#2 round brush from Loew Cornell 795

Liner brush


Linnéa lives in the south part of Sweden with her husband and two children.
Linnéa has a small facepainting company in Sweden called Linnéas Ansiktsmålning.
She started to facepaint in 2016, and she is now a certified facepainter from Olga Murasev´s International Face Painting School.
You might have seen her in different facepainting forums or in magazines such as QMagazine and Wet Paint Magazine.
Linnéa really loves everything about this industry, and she likes to challenge herself and keep on growing as an artist.

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