Top 10 Sites To Learn Face Painting

We’ve combed the internet to find you the top ten sites to learn face painting. Whether you’re just starting out as a professional face painter or you’re painting your child's face for Halloween, these sites will give you the very best tips, tricks, and tutorials for basic face painting. Some of these sites also have inspiration for more experienced face painters because there’s always room for improvement! 

Top 10 Sites to Learn Face Painting

#1. Silly Farm

Most face painters know the affable Heather Green, aka Silly Heather, of Silly Farm. She has an informative blog full of tutorials for beginners and experienced face painters alike. Learn how to airbrush with stencils, make adorable kitty faces, and make your face paint super bright. Especially useful is her marketing and business advice. She also has a wonderful Youtube channel full of tutorials. If you're looking for princess crown tutorials, this is the place! I especially appreciate her line-buster designs that will get you through a crazy long queue in no time. You’ll also find product reviews, swatches, and general advice for professional and aspiring face painters. This is a can’t-miss stop for learning about the business. And if you’re really serious about learning the art of face painting, check out Heather’s FABA TV where, for a subscription fee, you can learn from some of the most experienced and talented working face painters in the world. 

#2. Sophie’s Tips

Sophie's Tips

Sophie’s Tips was where I learned all the basics of face painting. Sophie’s currently taking a break from making videos, but her library of tutorials are some of the best basic tips I’ve come across. If you are struggling with using one stroke cakes, then check out her tips on brush strokes for princes crowns and butterflies. She also covers those fundamentals like how to use a face painting sponge, how to make double-dip petals, how to make perfect teardrops and so much more. And while she covers the basics, make no mistake, her designs are anything but basic. She has inspiring designs for 3D-effect spiders, realistic claw wounds, sparkling gems, and adorable witch designs. Bonus: she publishes her videos in English, French, and German!

#3. Face Paint Forum Shop

Face Paint Forum Shop has tons of tutorials on their Facebook page and Youtube channel. From galaxy designs, Simba, zombies, gorgeous princess crowns, and Pikachu, you can learn the art of face painting by watching the endless tutorials here. My favorite ones are from Mandy Moody, Brook Rogers, and Jolene, but you’ll discover many other talented artists here as well. Tear drop sponge butterfly, Super Easy Princess, July 4 Fast Faces, and Fast Princess are all good tutorials for learning how to face paint. As with any Youtube channel use the search word “easy” for finding beginner-appropriate tutorials.

#4. Ashlea Henson

Ashlea Henson, one of my favorite face painters, has years of experience. In fact, she started learning at a young age by watching her mom, also a professional face painter, at work. After taking a break from making tutorials, she’s back at it again! And that’s great news for anyone looking for face painting inspiration. Her style is all about precision and detail that make for dazzling designs. While her princess crown and Easter bunny designs are a great starting point for the novice face painter, others, like her incredible rainbow tiger and Grinch designs are best left to the more experienced face painter. You must see her puppy face painting, it’s the cutest one I’ve seen. She also has some greatinspiration for setting up your face paints and display menu board.

#5. Lisa Joy Young

With over 70,000 followers on Youtube, it’s no secret that Lisa Joy Young is a fabulous face painter. She was one of the first artists I watched when I was learning the trade. Watching Lisa face paint is as entertaining as it is educational. I love her use of color combinations to make fantastical creations. She also shares honest advice on how to deal some of the more tricky situations we face painters find ourselves in, like how to handle hyper kids and how to set your rate. While many of her tutorials are complex, there are usually some basic tips and advice thrown in for face painters of all levels. She also has a number of quick designs that are perfect for wiggly little kids and a long line.


FacePaint Blog

If you’re reading this post, then you’ve already discovered's blog, updated several times weekly. Here, you’ll find tons of tutorials for beginners and pros alike. Tutorials from a wide range of artists keep this site full of inspiration no matter what your style. Face painters like Pam Kinneberg, Kellie Burrus, Natalia Krillova, and Belén te Pinta clarify some very impressive cheetah, race car, Simba, and Buzz Lightyear designs. What I love is the frequency of posts. Once you start exploring this blog, you’ll never get stuck in a face painting rut again! And be sure to check out the Youtube channel for even more tutorials.

#7. Jest Paint

Jest Paint’s Youtube channel is a great place to learn basics like simple eye designs and swirls. It’s also a good reference for tutorials on products you may not be familiar with like Colorini glitter glue, Y-body, water proof face paint, stencils, and Mehron powders. Talented face painter and owner of Jest Paint, Anna Wilinski, takes you through designs from basic through advanced. One of my favorites is her one stroke unicorn design. Kids would go absolutely nuts for that design!

#8. Olga Murasev

Olga Murasev

Olga Murasev is know for her bold and bright face painting designs. Her Youtube channelis full of tutorials that will challenge even experienced professional face painters. Her designs are geared towards the face painter who has a little extra time to paint their model. These are not quick festival designs, but detailed, jaw-dropping creations. At first glance you might be intimidated by the complexity of the designs. I wouldn’t recommend these tutorials for newbie face painters. Work your way up to these by starting out with simpler tutorials on, Sophie's Tips or Silly Farm’s tutorials. Olga also runs an online school for aspiring face painters called International Face Painting School.


#9. Sally Ann Lynch

Every face painter should be able to paint one-stroke flowers well, if you ask me. Make Sally Ann Lynch your coach for learning how to paint gorgeous, multi-color roses. She’s also a whiz at using a liner brush, so watch and learn! You may be familiar with her name from her eponymous brand of practice boards, a useful tool for face painting training when you don’t have a real-life model. What I admire about Sally Ann is that she has such a distinct style that’s recognizable from her roses to her super hero and tiger designs. Definitely check out her tutorials if want to add some gracefulness to your designs. She also has a pleasant voice that, combined with the sound of her brush strokes, makes for an unexpected ASMR experience.

#10. Fairy Fox Design

Laura of Fairy Fox Design has several recent tutorials available and I hope she keeps them coming! From frogs to swirly floral designs, these how-to videos will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating impactful designs quickly. This tiger cheek lesson is especially impressive.

Did we leave out one of your favorite sites for learning face painting? Let us know what you thought of our top 10 list in the comments section.

Vanessa Tsumura is a professional face painter in Milwaukee, WI.